Fishing By: MIchael ray


Although fishing is a sport, some fish can eat you, take it from me I have got bitten by a fish. If you do not have the right equipment you can buy a rod, it is worth the money. Also if you do not know the rest of the equipment read more for a list. Fish are interesting animals that live in salt water and fresh water.

when you are fishing you can fish from a boat or land


When you go fishing you need to bring equipment. You need to bring a rod, line, bobber, hook, and a boat. If you do not have a boat you can stand on the shore and cast to catch fish.

fishing from the shore


When you go fishing you can fish for many different types of fish. If you are fishing in freshwater you can catch bass, sunfish and catfish. And when you are fishing in the ocean you can catch salt water fish they are trout flounder and even squid.

saltwater fish


Fishing is a fun sport. You should try fishing in the lake or the ocean. Try fishing for many different types of fish. ¨I have gone fishing many times it is still very fun.


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