Gideon Alexandra Linder

Gideon was a great leader. He was a very good fit for the job. He defeated the Midinianites.


Idol Worshiper, Oppression, Repent, Deliverer (Judge), Peace

Step 1 (Sin): They did wrong, and God did not like it in hi eyes. For example worship idols

Step 2 (Oppression) God saw them doing wrong then he gave them up to the Midanites. Midanites destroyed Isreal and became improvised.

Step 3 (Repent): The Israelites cried out to God because they became aware of what they had done. Though God told them not to worship other idols. Though after he took them out of slavery they did not listen. (sin)

Step 4 (Deliverer): God sent Gideon as the deliverer to be the judge for the Israelites. He sent them to fight the Midanites for freedom. He defeated them which gave Israelites their freedom.

Step 5 (Peace): The land was given to the Israelites and they did not sin again, during the 40 years of Gideon's life on Earth.

Obedient: Gideon did exactly what God commanded him to do. Judges 6 God asked to make an offering and he did so.

Humble: Gideon was just a well rounded guy and tried to see the best in everything. This is why God called him to be a "judge"

Feared God: Gideon respected God so much he did anything he was told to do. Respected so much he feared him. In a good way though. Even after God had chose him he still feared his family.

Courageous: God demanded Gideon to assemble a fight and this took a huge amount of courage. He invested his time with his people and God.

Motivated: Like having courage Gideon was motivated in anything he was commanded to do.

Contradicting: Gideon was brought by God to deliver and get the people away from bad judgments. He made a decision as a judge, it was sinful. Which ade him contradicting.

Cowardly: Gideon questioned God's intention which was disrespectful. He kept questioning God which is something you should never do.

Cautious: When God first asked Gideon to make a sacrifice he hesitated. He questioned the messenger and made sure everything was okay and had faith in God.


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