Clonmacnoise our project on clonmacnoise

Clonmacnoise is an important tourist site that many people come visit!

There are two ways to get to Clonmacnoise one of which is through the River Shannon and An Slí Mór which means "The Great Road".

There were 17 churches in the 8th century but now there is only the remains of six churches.

There are still two Towers to this day and some broken bits of the towers.

Clonmacnoise is a Monastery that was founded by St. Ciarán.

The picture above is a picture of Clonmacnoise,pretty cool right?

The monks who made these towers also made a book named the book of Kells which can be found at Trinity college in Dublin.

Have you ever been to Clonmacnoise? If you haven't you should because its brilliant place that is located in Co. Offaly! but if you haven't read the book of Kells you DEFINITLY should!

This is Trinity College where u can find the book of kells,If u would like to visit!


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