Shakespeare Poet, actor, and writer

Shakespeare was a good writer, poet, and actor. Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), was an English playwright, poet, and actor(Lander 1). This is saying that Shakespeare was good at everything that had to do with theater. This shows that he's was good at theater because he could do everything.

First, he was a good writer. "Romeo and Juliet was probably among the early plays that Shakespeare wrote...(Anderson 777)." This is saying that one of his first plays is one of his most popular. This shows that he was very good because one of his very first plays is one of his most popular. Shakespeare Library, Folger <<FOHL juhr,>> an independent library in Washington, D.C., houses one of the world's most important collections of books by and about William Shakespeare(Folger). This is saying that Shakespeare has a whole library with all his books. This shows that he was such a good writer that he got his own library with all his books. "Royal Shakespeare Company is an English theater organization dedicated to presenting the plays of William Shakespeare"(Royal). This says that Shakespeare has a company dedicated to showing his plays. This shows that he was a good play writer because his plays are still being played to this day. "Shakespeare’s plays have attracted large audiences in big, sophisticated cities and in small, rural towns"(Lander 3) . This is saying that Shakespeare attracts poor and rich alike. This shows that Shakespeare was such a good writer that attract all crowds. "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays..."(Lander 2). This is saying that Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays. This shows that Shakespeare wrote many plays and they are still popular to this day.

Secondly he owned his own theater. "The Wooden "O""(Anderson 778). The globe theater was called this because it looked like a giant "O" made of wood. This was Shakespeare's theater where all of his plays were performed.

Next, Shakespeare was a great poet. "Shakespeare wrote... two major narrative poems... and a several short poems"(Lander 2). This is saying that he also wrote some poetry. This shows that he could do more than just write plays he could write poetry.

Also, Shakespeare was a fantastic actor. " in the Lord Chamberlain's Men..."(Lander 30). This is saying that Shakespeare not only wrote plays and poems but acted as well. This shows that he was good enough to write plays and act in them.

Lastly, Shakespeare is used as a tool to teach people in school. "His plays and poems have long been a required part of a liberal education"(Lander). This is saying that his poems and plays are being used to teach in schools. This shows that even after being dead for all these years he still teaches schools .


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