Seth Egyptian God/goddess project

Seth was the god of chaos, violence and pain. He was very mean, evil and selfish. Seth is most known for murdering Osiris, his brother.

Seth most commonly took shape of an unknown animal that is called a Seth animal. It has the snout of an aardvark or anteater and the ears of a rabbit. His ears are very rectangular at the ends.

In this hieroglyph, Seth is pictured at the left and Horus is on the right. Seth and Horus went through a huge battle and Seth won.

Seth is used as a symbol on jewelry and clothing for religious reasons or, maybe one might not know that they own something with Seth on it!

Seth was one of the most ancient Egyptian gods since the Predynastc era.

As shown in this illustration, Seth and Horus were friends, but in their huge fight, they became enemies and Horus was defeated.

This is called a was scepter. It is in the shape of a Seth animal and is about 1 foot long. Seth is found in many photos holding a was scepter.

This piece of stela was found in the Naqada area and has Seth wearing a double crown on it.

There were many hieroglyphics found in the tomb like this one, with two drawings of Seth.

This is an iron scroll that was also found in the Naqada tomb. It is 7 cm long.

These may just look like holes in the dirt, but they are the entrances to the Naqada tombs. These tombs were estimatedly built around 3500 B.C.

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