The Making of a Monster Made by Bailey G


This Semester for S.T.E.A.M we (the students) have to design and make a monster , and bring it to life using Animatronics. A monster isn't the same for everyone because certain people think that different things are scary e.g. a whale.

What is A Monster?

Definition of a Monster

My definition of a monster is something that scares you, when you think of a monster most people think of something like a dinosaur or a beast. In most cases this is true but not in all. A monster is something that scares/frightens you, for me that is dolls, well only some. I am scared of dolls like chucky and annabelle who actually gave me my fear of dolls, so whenever I walk past a doll I keep my eyes on it at all times.



My inspiration for our monster.



Our Monster

My Monster

My monster: My Monster is based off a doll, it is a creepy being that has glowing eyes, a mechanical arm and other features. It is sin colour with clothes and about the size of an average baby. It will be made out a doll with added features and fit in the genre of horror.

Personality and Film Genre: My Monster is a 'scary, doll, it is a creepy being that haunts & taunts you, fitting into the genre of Horror.

Appearance: My monster will mostly be skin colour with a shirt and pants (random colour). It will have a baby shape with and be made out of a plastic doll.

Movement and Functions: My monster will have a robotic arm, glowing eyes and spinning head.

Reasoning: The reason I am doing a baby is because I think they are scary, and am petrified of chunky and annabelle. My partner is not as scared of dolls as me but he agreed that dolls were still quite scary.



Brief Case

Case study

This case study will identify the design problems related to the Monster making project. The first problem is that my monster needs to fit a genre of film and be portrayed to fit a role in a movie. It also needs to have 3 reasonable functions.

Genre of film: My monster needs to fit a specific genre of film to fit the design breif. That genre will be Horror. The reason that I choose horror is because it is associated with being scary, and scary was one of my definitions of a monster, making it the best genre for my monster.

3 Functions: My monster needs 3 functions to fit the design brief. The first function will be a rotating head because it is scary for me. Another function is glowing red eyes because they give you an eerie feeling. A problem that both of the above may cause is that the wires might tangle ruining the electronics, a way that I could solve this is by butting the electronics on a board connected to the neck, just above the cut line. This will mean that the wires will be turned with the head. The last feature will be a robotic arm that will shoot something, this will make the monster "deadly", therefore scary.

The solutions that have been given are the best ones for my monster my circumstances. The genre of horror will best fit my monster because it fits my definition. The 3 functions were best suited because of the materials given and my knowledge to create our monster. This is why the solutions given are the best for my minster.



In the prototyping phase we found a few helpful tips, the main one being paper. The paper helped by fastening the two prices together when it was hot glued to the surfaces, the paper also helped the hot glue dry faster (only taking 5-10 seconds).



The process of making my monster has been exciting at times, and challenging at others. It was exciting when you found a solution or the pieces fit right, and it was challenging to create new and innovative solutions.

If we were to make a monster again the whole process would be a lot quicker, this is because we have prior knowledge on how to build them and the electric components. One solution that also helped was paper, it is simple but worked. Hot gluing paper to the 2 surfaces that you are gluing keeps it tight and dries instantly.


Created with images by Tsahi Levent-Levi - "WebRTC on mobile" • TeroVesalainen - "question mark hand drawn solution" • 422737 - "colour pencils color paint" • webandi - "light bulb light glow" • MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) - "Hard case."

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