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Worship at Evergreen

The Way of the Cross Series

The gospels present to us the story of Jesus Christ, who is perfectly God while also being fully human. Lent invites us to focus on Jesus with wonder, to follow in the dust of the Rabbi on his journey to the cross. Together we’ll focus on Jesus’ Passion Week - those final few days before his death and resurrection. In this series, we’ll try to see him more clearly and follow him more closely. When we strive for that, we can’t help but be changed.

Join us for worship at 10AM!

Message: "Given"• Pastor Rich Ferreira • Matthew 26:17-29

On one level, during Passover, Jesus is simply following the centuries old tradition of eating Passover with his friends. But on this Passover, Jesus did something that changed everything for God’s people. Let’s rediscover the incredible mystery in the sacrament of communion. Rich Ferreira is with us this week to walk us through that mystery. Join us a 10am this Sunday on Zoom, or at Evergreen!

We are so thankful that we have been able to worship together, and we continue to welcome folks into our building every Sunday! We have the Auditorium open, but also the Sycamore Room available with plenty of seating so those with varying levels of comfort in public spaces can worship with us appropriately. We will also be continuing to host worship on Zoom indefinitely, and are excited to have those of you who are unable to join us in person worship together virtually! Whichever way you choose to be with us, we are grateful for your participation! See you Sunday!

We are using the same link each week: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86799658645

We are going to have communion together!

We will be providing individually wrapped communion elements for each family member at Evergreen. If you are joining us through Zoom, we would love for you to use elements you have at your disposal, whether that is bread, crackers, juice, or something similar. We’re so thankful to be able to celebrate communion together in person and from a distance!

Can't make church at 10AM?

Welcome to our guided worship collection. In these links, you will find songs, scripture, and a message from current weeks, and also weeks past. All of this content will be matched up with the worship that we will be doing together on Sunday mornings. We understand that gathering together at a certain time, whether that be in person or on Zoom, isn't always realistic for everyone, but we also believe in the importance of participating in worship regularly and consistently. We hope that this provides a space for you to worship God regularly and consistently in the times we can't be gathered together. If you would like to hear recordings of previous sermons, go to www.egm.org/egm-sermons.

Are you looking for ways to connect gospel stories with your kids at a time when normal childhood programming isn't available? Check out our family activity guide, which has simple and easy activities that make it easy to communicate the truths of the gospels to your kids!

Giving at Evergreen

Evergreen continues to work diligently to serve our people, our students, our children, and our community despite difficult circumstances. Like many businesses, families, and organizations, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus put churches in a difficult financial situation. If you would like to give financially in the weeks in which we are unable to gather, you can do so by clicking this button:

4 Corners Offering

Young Life Capernaum is a branch of Eastern Ottawa Young Life that focuses on relationships with students of different abilities. Our friends in Capernaum spend time together, have 'Club' where they share in some games and fun and conversation, and sometimes even go on trips together! We are so grateful for Young Life's Capernaum ministry and the ways it is impacting our community!

Evergreen Spotlight

We're so thankful for the ways in which we are able to partner with the local Hudsonville community. This past week, Chris Vredevoogd assisted the Chamber of Commerce in setting up the flamingos that are on display in Downtown Hudsonville. We're very grateful for Chris' gifts and the ways she uses them to serve Evergreen as well as our local community!

IF Gathering 2021

We just wanted to remind you of a few things as we have received a few questions so we thought a brief clarification might be helpful.

  • Do I need to have people to host this event in my home? No if you feel most comfortable watching this event in your home by yourself please do that. If you have a community that you would like to invite and watch together that is a great option as well.
  • What is the latest time I can register? Friday, March 5th at noon is the last day to register. You can email ifhudsonville@gmail.com to register.
  • When will I receive more information once I have signed up? In the next couple weeks you will get information on how to make an account through IF Gathering to watch the event. But we will let you know when that email is coming.

We can't wait for all that God is going to do as we gather in our places!

Evergreen Small Groups

Growing as a passionate follower of Jesus can happen in multiple different ways. To help Evergreen grow, we are excited to provide ways that you can learn about the Bible, about your relationship with God, about ways to connect in community. You can sign up to join of the small groups that are already happening now, or for classes that will be launching in the next few weeks. If you are interested in any of these in-person or online communities, click the link below.

We are so excited to announce that we are going to begin hosting in-person Recovery Services again! Starting Sunday, February 14, we will be hosting our Bridge to Life Recovery service at 6pm with the Bridge to Life meeting to follow at 6:45. If you can't make it to the building, the meeting will also be streamed on Zoom. Check out the Bridge to Life Facebook page for a link along with more information. With any questions, feel free to get in touch with Rob Janke at rob@egm.org.

Series Art Piece

Title: He is Risen

Artist: David Kremers

Artist Statement: The black and white bring us to the cross and the solemness of the Lent season. Christ was crucified. His body was sealed in a tomb. But on Easter the glory of color is revealed when Christ exits the tomb and it is empty; He is Risen!

Created By
Evergreen Ministries