The Art of Air By Bethany

The air is a wonderful thing. Without it we wouldn't exist, but do we appreciate it enough?Does the air need our help?

Pollution from fossil fuels and cow farts is making our Eart heat up, and it's all our fault. If we know what we're dealing with, we can try and fix our problems.

The gas that makes up the majority of our atmosphere is called nitrogen.

Nitrogen makes up roughly 78% of our atmosphere.

Although it is harmless in small doses, large amounts of nitrogen are being emitted from vehicles and factories, damaging the health of us and other organisms. Some plants are adapted to cope with lots of nitrogen, so the plants that are not adapted this way are suffocated by the thriving nitrogen-loving plants.

The second most prominent gas in our atmosphere is the well-known oxygen.

Oxygen makes up 21% of our atmosphere.

Oxygen allows living things to respire, and makes our planet unique in our solar system (so far), because it is the only planet that can support life.

A vital addition of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide, or CO2.

Carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide allows our planet to stay warm, and we wouldn't be alive without the greenhouse effect it creates. However, too much carbon dioxide can trap too much heat, and is currently causing the terrifying notion of Global Warming.

There are many other smaller portions of gases that make up our atmosphere, such as argon and water vapour.

Argon and water vapour make up roughly 0.9% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Both of these gases are important in our daily lives. Argon is extremely unreactive and insoluble in water, and is put in light bulbs so the filament doesn't burn out. Water vapour, of course, makes up the water cycle and ensures our survival on Earth.

The following is a pie chart to show the percentages of gases in Earth's atmosphere:

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