Portugal Life in the Valley of Batequim.

So it begins, another adventure.

Dave and I have left our lives in Canada behind and have embarked on a journey of self discovery and exploration into different ways of living.

We are off to meet people who have chosen to live unconventional lives. To experience, first hand, how they live a psychedelic life.

16 November, 2019

Our trip has taken us over seas to sunny Portugal where we are being hosted by a German couple; Gabi, a vet and animal protector, and Jo, a photographer and artist.

We are staying on their homestead they call Batequim.

Batequim is a beautiful secluded valley just outside the tiny village of Sao Miguel, not far from the sleepy ocean town of Odeceixe.

Sao Miguel
Road to Odeceixe beach
View from the hilltop over looking Batequim.

Prior to settling down in Portugal with Gabi, Jo spent many years in the United States. He lived with the Deer Tribe studying The Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path under the founder of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan.

Flyer for one of Jo’s Sweat Lodge ceremonies.

After his return to Europe he felt a calling to teach what he had learned and converted a bus into a motor home. “Buffalo Ben” was born. For 10 years Jo and Buffalo Ben travelled across Germany holding sweat lodges and other ceremonies.

Learn more about Jo here ...

Jo & “Buffallo Ben”

Home, sweet home.

For the next few months “Buffalo Ben”

would be our new home!

For the last 18 years Gabi has run an animal protection association that finds families for abandoned and mistreated animals. Every 6 weeks 30-40 dogs and cats are driven from Portugal to their new homes in Switzerland and Germany.

A labour of love; her dedication and hard work is both heart warming and inspiring.

Many of the animals have found a home here at Batequim.

10+ dogs
5 cats
1 donkey
2 horses
9 chickens
1 cockatoo

In exchange for opening up their home to us, we spend our days helping with our new animal friends and in the garden.

We’ve also been given the opportunity to work on some creative projects around the property.

Such as...

Constructing stone patios, creating mosaic fountains.

& painting dog houses.

For 2 Canadians,

working outside

(in the warm sunshine)

between December and March

is Awesome!

Life is good:)

With the nearest town a 50 minute walk away, no vehicle and limited internet access, at times, we have felt quite disconnected.

But in such a beautiful and uplifting place...

A wonderful & inspiring

connection is growing


new friends

the earth



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