Pros of Solar Energy Why it's the best

What is solar energy?

The Sun provides solar and heat energy. Both of which we use in our everyday lives. Without the ability to harness energy, we could not do much of what we do on a regular basis today. To harness solar energy, we use a flat surface called a solar panel that absorbs the sunlight and converts it into usable energy. This is done because they are made up of very small particles that, when exposed to sunlight, vibrate to create an electrical charge.
The sun emits enough solar energy in 1 hour to power everything in the world for a whole year, but with present technology we are only able to harness a small fraction of it. The amount of solar energy used today is less that one-tenth of 1% of the energy we use today.

How do we use solar energy?

Solar energy is inexhaustible. Meaning we will almost never run out and we can use it for a very long time. Eventually the sun will grow old and not be able to provide energy but that will take a long time.

The link below will take you to a website where you can learn about solar energy uses.

Solar panels are used to harness such energy and convert it into usable energy to power things.

What about costs?

Solar energy is also very cost-efficient, able to pay off the cost of installation within 5-10 years of purchase. It saves people from paying electrical bills by giving an alternate way to get energy without using energy from a company.


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