Eli Tongs Q4 project

This "website" will be over Bruce Lee. He was an amazing martial arts fighter and trainer.

The topic of Bruce Lee will be over his death. It is unknow exactly what his death was caused by or even if someone murdered him

This will be placed at Bruce Lees death area (Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong) (It has my last name in it)

Then when of this story will be about in 1973.

It is unknown why bruce lee died but there are many speculations. (suicide, murder, or brain swelling

I personally belive he died of brainsweeling but I will go over all potential cases

This is Bruce Lees brain when he died

Bruce lees normal brain was on the left but how he died has on the right.

Bruce lee could've died in many ways. First we will talk logical. Many people belive Bruce Lee died of brainswelling. It is unknown why brain did swell. When he died they did not have good technology to know why.

This is the stange part:

Months before he was officially declared dead, rumors had been circulating around Hong Kong that he had already died. Theese grew so strong that journalists at one of Hong Kongs largest newspapers wouldn't believe he was alive until they had spoken personally to Bruce Lee himself. This does not mean much but doesn't that sound weird to you.

The Triads:

In the seventies, Chinese criminal organizations, such as the Triads, often demanded protection money from Hong Kong-based movie stars. Lee was known to have stood up to them and told them no. He may have been poisoned as a result.

Secret Martial Arts Masters:

A popular and plausible conjectire is that Lee was killed on the instuctions of a cabal of secret martial arts masters who were angered that he taught too many of their secrets to kids. It is true that Lee already had many problems with the Traditional Chinese martial arts establishment. Given the nature of the dim mak known to these masters, this thory can be true.

This is Bruce Lee taining someone

This is Bruce Lee in a casket or coffin.

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