The Visual Journey of 2016 Adobe Summit Reimagining the Shopping Journey

The Adobe immersive retail experience as revealed @ the Adobe 2016 Summit re-imagines the shopping experience. By digitizing the in-store browsing and selection process and creating a seamless checkout experience retailers reduced total cost to serve and increase customer revenue and loyalty.

Introducing revolutionary smart bag technology developed by Capgemini and Twyst powered by Adobe where the in-store funnel is enhanced while the retail business is able to create lifetime value through immersive experiences for their consumers

Partnership with Capgemini and Twyst, Inc was what collaborations between partners should be, very smart individuals compiled at Capgemini's Innovation Center to ensure success with the Retail Immersion Experience Pavilion at the Summit. Incredible technology, great breakout meeting and an even better outcome of 2 immersive days at this inspiring venue.

"No matter what the intent is . . . Digital Experiences need to be PROVOCATIVE, they need to be PERSONAL and they need to be PREDICTIVE" – Shantanu Narayen (President & CEO @ ADOBE)

Conference events were at the beautiful and stunning Venetian | Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV
While attending the SUMMIT conference, I had the pleasure of staying at the luxurious Wynn Hotel . . . elegant and gorgeous.
The rooms at The Wynn were relaxing and scenic which built up even more excitement for day one of the conference.
The opening stage . . . THE BEST, TOP CLASS, BREATHTAKING . . . the Adobe production team created the true essence of what Adobe is all about . . . changing the world through digital experiences
Adobe Global Services team provided a foundation from which retailers can create, deliver and optimize rich omni-channel engagement and adaptive-store experiences that surprise and delight consumers.
The fully prepared booth . . . ready for conference attendees to get a Connected Experiences through Retail Focused Commerce . . . bring digital capabilities into real-time store experiences
The Retail Innovation video . . . showing real world experiences that track and connect consumers in a whole new way.

"Experience businesses need to put customers at the focal point." – Marc Eaman (Director, Marketing Cloud Technical Marketing @ ADOBE)

Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company Magazine was taken through the Retail Immersive Experience booth and familiarized himself on how Adobe Technology changes customer experiences
Bloggers and Influeuuncers also participated in the retail booth experience
Chas Williams (Athletics Communications - Graduate Assistant) of the Clemson University Student Team capturing the full SUMMIT experience.
Pieper Meredith (Videographer & Editor/Graphic Communications, Max Huggins (Videographer) and Jeff Kallin (Associate Director of Creative Media) Played a huge part in capturing social assets to push content stories of the SUMMIT experience . . . great team and a great partnership.
9 Adobe Use-Cases, 6 MC Solutions, 3 Clouds, 4 TV Screens, iPads, iPhones, 1 rockin’ smart bag, and a group of awesome Retail SC’s, EM’s, SA’s and CSMs
The booth touched ~450 attendees, inspired individuals going through the experience to think of all the opportunity and potential it has for their business and showcased a cool Multi-Cloud solution

This was my final image before leaving the 2016 Adobe SUMMIT, a six-and-a-half-foot statue that was created by artist Jeff Koons is 'rendered in mirror-polished stainless steel and finished in kaleidoscopic glazes. The sculpture is displayed at The Wynn Hotel which sits in path between The Venetian and The Wynn. It had been estimated to sell for at least $25million.

A perfect symbol of the experience at the conference . . . a polished event, extraordinary presentation of digital creativity and experiences, impeccable focus to detail, strength of a great company . . . all fueled by great products and services, empower everyone to bring digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment.

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Cass Taylor

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