“GCT Board Member Spotlight” Marilyn Miller, BOARD Member

Name: Marilyn Miller

Board Position: Board Member, Development Committee Member

My career began many years ago as a Student Support Specialist for the PA Migrant Education Program. Responsibilities included serving children of migrant farmworkers who traveled to Adams County for our harvest season. In the beginning, migrant children were mostly white Anglo and African Americans. As the years and seasons passed the population took on a different vision with the inclusion for Hispanic/Latino and Haitian families. Thirty years later, 2014, the Adams County Migrant Summer School of Excellence served children from 21 countries and various languages within each culture. We immediately recognized that Language Arts and Math could not be taught in the traditional manor… we must incorporate these skills through the Arts and Humanities.

I soon discovered that Gettysburg Community Theatre is dedicated to the dreams I’ve worked for all my life. It’s about discovering each child/person and allowing him or her to grow, develop, and explore to the best of their ability. Sing, Dance, Act – take on a new persona… (or maybe just be yourself) with no judgements, no fears, no inhibitions – and this is exactly what is expected of you, here at Gettysburg Community Theatre. Find Your Stage Door and Open It - WHAT A MAGICAL GIFT!

My favorite musical this season was Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I had the opportunity to participate in this performance – delivering one (1) line (that was perfect for me). This was the first time I experienced a musical “behind the scenes” evolve from beginning to end. It was absolutely amazing to learn new discipline and talent and to watch the entire team transform into character.

Gettysburg Community Theatre is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and it’s all because of you and your support. GCT highlights our world all year long (for all ages) with afterschool programs, special events, cabarets, improve comedy nights, the Penguin Projects, and plays and musicals. These opportunities enhance each of us in so many ways; boosting self-esteem, celebrating cultural identities, and personal heritages. There are so many ways to give and be a part of GCT. A special Thank You to our sponsors who donate monetarily, to all our volunteers who give their time and energy at our performances, and to our very talented actors/actresses and band and orchestra members who make life and fantasy come alive for us. We are so blessed to have GCT as part of our community!


“Board Member Spotlight” is a monthly special feature in honor of the 10th season of Gettysburg Community Theatre. Learn more about GCT at www.gettysburgcommunitytheatre.com Photo Credit: Leer Photography

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