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In class this past week we began our Raid 7 presentations. Since then the work load has really began to pile up. My Raid 7 presentation is tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th), a journey log is due, as well as our group for Raid 6 (the technical manual) wanting to be done by tomorrow as well. So, it has been chaotic as now there is more than just Journey Logs, Raids and other individual work, but group work is a factor now as well. Engagement is key in order to get through this tough period of heavy work load. The players must stay engaged with both their individual work as well as with their group. I have tried to represent this in Minecraft as best as I could and have included pictures here:

Here is supposed to be a representation of my group in class talking about the technical manual. We all realized how much there was to do and how quickly deadlines were coming up so I lit them on fire to show our chaos.

However, we got together and used our engagement to develop a plan. We made a sign up sheet for each category and how to represent each category in our "Minecraft Technical Manual" I represented that here:

Although the work load has increased, engagement with our group will help us to get the group project done in a timely manner and time management will allow us to finish our individual assignments.


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