The War Of The Rose By: kelly stamm

The Houses

The house of lancaster and there rose colors are red and the house of york and there roses are white.

More information of the houses

The lanchesters keep on dying and the york there was one king for a long time. Both of the houses claimed to have a right to english throne as descendents of king Edward III.

Henry VI and Edward IV

Henry VI ruled england from 1422 all the way to 1461. In 1461 Edward IV took over Henry VI throne until 1483

Richard III- Guilty or not

Richard III killed his nephews because he confessed to the killings of the two princes. But however Richard III may have confessed under torture.

Battle of Bosworth Field

The war of the rose was brother fighting brother. The oldest child of the family would become king.

Henry Tudor and the house of Tudor

Henry Tudor won the battle of Bosworth. In 120 years ago Britain would be ruled by the royal family the tudors. the house of the tudor led by henry VII defeated the house of york at the battle of stoke.

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