Valentine's Day: Does anyone actually celebrate it any more?

Chocolates, stuffed animals, Valentine's Day cards, little candies, red and pink, all of these capture the holiday that shows people you love them. Are people still in touch with this holiday, however?

Yes. People are still celebrating Valentine's Day, especially when they have a significant other.

We asked seven people if they celebrated V-Day, and their answers were actually surprising.

Five out of seven said they did celebrate. Two of them who are single said they feel like it is a consumerist holiday and just another way to spend an excessive amount of money.

Laura Jean, who celebrates, calls V-day Galantines day because she usually likes to spend it with her girl friends, and they dress up together to go out in a group to have fun.

Laura celebrates Valentines Day with the people she loves.

Justice and Ciara, significant others, say that they love buying their partner small gifts and flowers to make them feel special and create a "date-night" atmosphere.

Because of COVID-19, many couples are spending time in their home making the best of things.

Pam says that she will get her husband a card and make him his favorite food.

Karina, shown at the left, loves to romanticize V-Day by doing special things like putting rose petals everywhere and spending quality time with her partner.

Laura said that Valentine’s Day should always be equal. Men should not feel overwhelmed by the need to go over the top. Likewise, women should not have so many expectations.

10 fun ways to celebrate Valentine's this year

Bake something from scratch together

Eat breakfast in bed (or any meal/ all of the meals?)

Give each other a massage (lotion optional)

Go pick flowers in a field (or give them some leaves whichever is available)

Make their favorite food and light a candle

Play a board game together

Write a love letter to tell them you appreciate them

Watch a romantic comedy (or any movie that you enjoy together)

Watch the sunrise/ sunset together in the mountains (or on the porch or through a window)

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