The Arts Taught Me ignite the fight for arts funding

What Has Been Done Before?

The Arts Action Fund is the only national organization that mobilizes Americans in the fight for arts funding and arts education. They work to ensure that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the federal, state, and local levels. Their main project is the American for the Arts Fund, and they fundraise for this through donations and membership. Through membership, they also work on education by providing people on their email list with updates on ways to get involved and encouragement to contact their representatives. However, they do not have an extensive social media presence or campaign.

A lot of arts funding comes from individual donors--often celebrities that want to give back to their communities. Most recently (earlier this March) Chance the Rapper's Social Works non-profit donated $10,000 to 10 different schools. Going forward, the organization will donate $10,000 to 12 more schools, thanks to new donations from other celebrities such as comedian Hannibal Buress, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, and Sky Zone.

Goal: Building A Narrative

When first launched, definitely had negative connotations around it. The White House created the #getcovered hashtag to retweet posts from people sharing their positive experience to change the narrative to a more positive one.

Our Mission

Arts funding for ALL!

The arts provide outlet for expression and call attention to social issues in society. Funding for arts education programs in schools is being cut back or eliminated. Many public schools are underfunded and the first cuts are to arts programs. The current president does not seem to value the arts, so it is a better time than ever to really start advocating for better funded programs. No major social media campaign attacks this issue effectively, by increasing the conversation around it and therefore increasing funding. We want to first provide donations to DC schools, then build our campaign to help schools across the country.

Launch Date: May 1st

Measurable Goals:

  • 1 month rollout= 3,000 followers
  • #IAmArtDC hashtag trending
  • recognition and expansion to other cities

Hashtags: #TheArtsTaughtMe #IAmArtDC #ArtEd #SponsorASchool

Target audience: at first, everyone (especially young people) in the D.C. community (first month). As the campaign begins to expand, our audience will expand to everyone in the nation.

How will we do this?

motivation. personalization. donation.

Especially towards the beginning of the campaign, we will focus on educating people about why the arts matter, in order to motivate them to take action. Using the hashtag, #ArtsEd, we will post a daily fact on Instagram and Twitter.

During the campaign, we will focus on using Snapchat and Instagram. We believe that in order to get more people talking about arts funding, and therefore donating, we should focus on personalizaton. Using our hashtag #TheArtsTaughtMe, Instagram users can post picture of their art with a caption about what art programs and arts in general has given them (they can do this at any time). To incentivize these posts, we will repost user's photos and offer 30 posters free merchandise and prizes at our #IAmArtDC event. Snapchat users can use our "The Arts Taught Me" filter on scheduled dates when we will have our own story to send photos and videos to.

May 2017

I Am Art DC

We want to get people a tangible event to attend, that will motivate them to donate and spread the word. We will get the rights to a wall for a mural (legal). We will have the "I am Art DC" event, complete with entertainment (music, games) and the unveiling of the wall which says "I Am Art" in the same fashion of "Before I die...". People will be able to add reasons they love art, what the arts gives them, or a self portrait or any type of drawing they like. There will be a small entrance fee which will go towards donations. This event will help with visibility of the campaign in DC, but with the spread of photos from the wall on social media, hopefully similar walls will pop up around the country. Attendees will be able to use the Snapchat filter above.


For our final and most important tenet, donation, we have added the #SponsorASchool project. While we hope to gain funds through general donations and the entrance fee of #IAmArtDC, we want to employ our ideas of motivation and personalization by allowing people to donate to specific schools in the DC area. This way, people can be sure their money is going to specific public school programs and can even receive pictures and email updates from said programs.

A goal that we hope to achieve (depending on how much traction we can gain) would be to get high profile speakers, such as Chance the Rapper, to speak at events we sponsor.

After The Campaign

  • The Arts Taught Me's social media accounts continue to grow in followers and traffic, and they continue to operate by posting personal stories and facts about the arts
  • Similar events as "I Am Art DC" were replicated in mutiple cities
  • "Sponsor A School" provided helpful funding to local DC schools, and has expanded to Maryland and Virginia


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