Knitting The Endless Steppe

Once again I was knitting, knitting without a minute to spare for reading, for pleasure, or for playing -- throwing snowballs with Svetlana and the other children or chasing each other in the moonlight. This time I even knitted while I studied, with a schoolbook propped up against the small kerosene lamp, and when the kerosene ran out, I knitted in the dark. Sometimes I didn't mind the knitting. Sometimes I even enjoyed it, particularly the sight of rows of knit and rows of purl growing into a pattern, taking on the shape of a sweater.

The Endless Steppe pg. 172

The complete "learn to knit" tutorial is in video form here or you can scroll down for photos.

After watching the video scroll to the bottom for more instructions.

  • Make a Slip Knot
  • Cast On Stitches
  1. Place the slip knot onto one of your needles.
  2. Pull snug.
  3. Wrap the working yarn (This is the yarn attached to the ball.) around your thumb from front to back.
  4. Put your needle through the loop and pull the loop off your thumb.
  5. Repeat this until you have 10 stitches including the original slip knot.


2 - WRAP

3 - PULL

4 - DROP

If you watched the video - continue reading here.

More Instructions

  1. Continue knitting stitches until all are on the right hand needle.
  2. When you get to the end of a row put the needle with the stitches back into your left hand and begin again.
  3. Continue row after row making your knitted garment longer and longer.

YOU did IT!!

What can you make with your new skill? What about a bracelet, or a bean bag, or a scarf? Casting on more stitches will make your work wider, less stitches and it will be narrower.

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