My Trip to South Africa By Franklin Kennedy

We arrived at the Nokeng Eco Lodge on January 31. This is what the first room we saw had hanging in it.

The very first night the kids arrived, a massive fire took place.

It was incredibly scary. Probably the most scared I've ever been.

The nice lodge had turned from this... this.

On the last day, we went and toured the school that the kids went to called Mukhanyo Christian Academy.

We had built a Gaga court for the kids, and we got to play it with them.

We went to a nice resort called the Farm Inn. They had many animals including jaguars...

...and alpacas!

We got to go on a safari, which was really cool. We saw 20+ elephants...

...a rhino...

...and a baby zebra!

Some of us went down to Capetown, where we saw this incredible sight.

We got to go to the tip of Africa!

And we even saw wild penguins!

My Trip to South Africa was life-changing, and I wouldn't change it for the world!


Franklin K. Inc.

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