James Clerk Maxwell

Major contributions to science- James​ ​clerk​ ​Maxwell​ ​was​ ​best​ ​known​ ​for his​ ​creating​ ​and​ ​formulating​ ​the​ ​electromagnetic​ ​theory. In addition In 1866, He formulated the maxwell-boltzmann kinetic theory of gases. Finally in 1859, he wrote an essay called, on the stability of saturn's rings, in which he concluded that saturn's rings could not be completely sold or fluid.

Birth date and Date of Death- On June 13, 1831 He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, But on November 5th 1879 He passed away in Cambridge, England.

Degrees and achievements- In 1854 he was awarded the smiths prize. In addition he was elected to a fellowship at trinity.

Summary- He showed great studies in electromagnetism, Maxwell stated that his major task was to convert Faraday's physical idea's into mathematical form. In addition he also studied electromagnetic waves and suggested that he can create electromagnetic wave in a laboratory. With the studies of kinetic energy of gases, Maxwell applied methods of probability and statistics in describing the properties of an assembly of molecules. In addition to kinetic energy of gases, Maxwell investigated the transport properties of gases with the effect of changes in temperature and pressure on viscosity. Finally Maxwell wrote famous Treatise on electricity and magnetism.


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