Dakota Access Pipeline By charles keaton smith

As my active role as a intern, I fill that I need to focus all my time on the Dakota Access Pipeline project. With our new President, Donald Trump took action on January 24, 2017 signed an executive order to start construction on the project. But there is a huge controversy dealing with Environmental hazard with the building of the pipeline. I plan to focus most of my time on the controversy.

What primary actions will I use to get the word out about the positive impact of Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Social Media- social media is one of the best effective advertising tools for a low cost.
  • Public Forums- public forums are a great way to start positive talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Community Rally- Community Rally can be held to correctly inform people of the positive impact of the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Television commercials- Television commercials have always been an effective to get a message out.


  • As we know the protesters are using hashtags through social media to make false actuation. So I plan to start a new movement by creating a new hashtag.
  • We will host multiple information event to show how and what we are doing to show that the environmental safety's our number one focus.
  • We will also being giving out promotional items like t-shirt, key chains, and koozies.

What support will you need from your boss in order to do this work?

  • The power to play with the budget to insure everything is done properly
  • I would also like a team assigned to me to help handle all the primary actions I proposed.
  • I would also like the freedom to take action on thinking that need to be handle as soon as possible.

I look at my self as an asset, an asset that that has the power to bring to people together. the Controversy that is fueled by environmental hazards. this can all be avoided if we can properly educate the locals in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois that the pipe line is completely safe. We could show them how high up Environmental safety is on our list.


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