The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Steven calcutt

As I entered the Constans Theatre I was suddenly hit with memories from my childhood. Both of my sisters were involved in the theatre and my sister was a theatre major at the College of Charleston. I have been to numerous "black box" theatre shows and this certainly reminded me of that. When the lights dimmed I thought for a second I might see my sister come out and perform but I suddenly snapped back and remembered that I was not at one of her shows. I feel like the theatre has a huge place in finding the good life. Much like great literature, the theatre gives a release into an alternate reality. Even if it is just for a day, we need that release. Especially in todays social climate.
I went to the performance by myself. I am a junior here and I don't know many freshmen or students in any of the good life classes.
This performance gave me an insight into how the religious mind thinks. Anytime a character in the play needed something they would pray and ask God for help. This is very different from me, I am an atheist and do not consider myself religious at all. It is very different for me to see people praying so much. All that I knew going into the performance was that it was about two missionaries living in Canada. The play did very little to change my personal views on religion. I respect whatever people may be, but it did not change my view.
This notion of "Katharis" can mean different things to different people. I believe in this play it means coming clean to the lord and finding yourself spiritually. Throughout the trials and tribulations the connections with the lord is tested. This play also shows the Arts Vs Church dilemma there was in Quebec. The missionaries told her she could not do her show in Quebec City. Some may say this was due to the fact she was Jewish and there was an anti-semitic undertone.

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