Final Exam Portfolio By: Abigail BoUathong

My name is Abigail Bouathong. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister, also two dogs. This is my first year of Highschool Art as a junior. My goals for the future are to graduate college and become a dental hygienist. I also want to travel the world before I settle down and have a family. I feel like this class really helped me relieve my stress from all my other classes because I am just able to draw and do something I enjoy doing.

Elements drawing

This is my elements drawing. We did this project to refresh the principles elements in our minds. A couple of the elements I think helped the most were texture and form. I think this because I used these the most and they really helped to make my drawings better.

Negative/ Positive Drawing

This is my negative and positive drawing. I decided to do a wolf because I love animals. This picture displays the left side which is positive space and the right side school is negative space. For the left side I had to focus on the shapes on the wolf, but on the right I had to focus on the background making out shapes that look like the wolf's other half.

Before Hand Drawing

This is my drawing of my hand at the very beginning of the year. I thought it was very hard drawing the shape of the hand accurate to my real hand. My drawing, to me, seems lifeless and lacks texture and value.

After Hand Drawing

This is my after hand drawing. I thought drawing my hand was pleasant because in class we got to use the picture plane and this drawing was one of the first drawings that looked realistic.


This is the side profile I drew. I drew my friend Madison because I saw this picture and I thought it was perfect for my project. This is personally my favorite drawing because I think it looks very much like Madison and shows her inner beauty. I love the way it shows all the light and dark shadows in the hair and on her face. Although this is my favorite piece, it wasn't easy. It took several days just for me to figure out the shape of the nose, mouth, etc.

Stippling Piece

This is my stippling piece. This was also another fun project because the whole drawing is made of dots, which I got by using a stippling motion. Also this project was cool because it allowed for me to bring out the value of my shoes and legs. In the darker spots I used more dots than the spots that were lighter on my shoe, which contained less dots.

Still Life Drawing

This is my still life drawing, where I had to draw something, not by a picture, but by what I see right in front of me. I wanted to draw the skeleton because I wanted to challenge myself, and challenge myself I did. This skeleton was difficult for me to draw because of the complex shape of the ribs and the shadows of the bones.

Scratch board Drawing

This is my scratchboard drawing. Doing this project was interesting because the last time I had used scratchboard was in eighth grade. It was cool to do a project on scratchboard and a exactoknife rather than pencil and paper. On the scratchboard, underneath the black was this pretty silver color that beams when the light hits. You can see the parts of the dog that are lighter, I used more pressure than the other parts where I used less pressure, to replicate the amount of light the dog has shining on him.

2-Point Perspective Drawing

For my two point perspective drawing I decided to draw a tree house. I wanted my drawing to look very tropical. You can see the horizon line where the sun meets the water. To make my bridges I had to make lines connecting to my vanishing point to make my bridges the accurate size for my drawing. My favorite part of my drawing is the sun reflecting off of the water.

Before Self Portrait

My self portrait before, does not really look like me. Again like my before hand, lacks value and texture.

After Self Portrait

My after drawing is way better than my before, as it should be. You could see all the texture in the hair, but not so much that it's harsh, the lines are evenly blended to match my picture I was using. I think my picture has features of the it that match the way I look, but it does not totally look like me. This is partly because of the placement of my nose and mouth. Everyone is unique so having certain places on the face where things belong is crucial to having it look like the person or object your are drawing. Overall, I enjoyed drawing this piece.

Oil Pastel Drawing

This is my oil pastel drawing incomplete. So far, I enjoy drawing this piece because the oil pastel blends so easily and flawlessly with the other colors making endless possibilities for me to create with my flowers. I intend to finish my project by filling the page with flowers, all different kinds, to show the beauty all the flowers contain.

Lastly, I admire this class and the peace it brings. I will continue to do art and hopefully take are classes in the future if I am able to. I am happy with how much my drawing skills advanced and will for sure be drawing from now on whether it be at home or at school. From this class, I learned that drawing isn't about just drawing things on a paper but that it takes patience, creativity, and time to create something beautiful.

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