Eco not ego Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Round 3, 2020

Dates: APV 17-18 July 2021; YE 1-8 September 2021

Applicant: WINetzwerk e.V. (Germany)

Host organisation: NGO Unit (Ukraine)

Participating countries: Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal

Context and Background

The main topic of “Eco not ego” youth exchange is an ecological mindful lifestyle. The concept of ecological lifestyle revolves around how to make a commitment to environmental protection compatible with democracy and implement it into everyday life.

We plan to reflect on the current ecological situation in our cities and countries, discuss experiences on improving it, and develop tools and methods for everyday life. Through working on ecological issues we aim to increase understanding of democracy and active citizenship and the relation between them.

Our hashtags: #ecology #activism #democracy

Photo cred: Maria Tuzani

The project aims to provide an environment and working space to reflect, discuss and form a point of view on the active ecological lifestyle and in a wider perspective – related values of democracy, solidarity, tolerance, and active social engagement.

Participant Profile

The project will host five participants (including one group leader) from each participating country. We are looking for participants who:

  • Age 18-30 y.o. (team leader without age limits)
  • Open-minded youngsters with an active social life and interest in ecological lifestyle
  • Able to communicate in English (an exception can be made if they have valuable practical knowledge)
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm and are ready to participate actively

THe Venue: Henichesk, Ukraine

All the activities will take place in Henichesk, which is a port city along the Sea of Azov in Kherson Oblast of southern Ukraine.

The climate is quite dry and hot, but from September the nights can be rather cool.

The southern region of Ukraine is located in the steppe zone and is also rich in species of fauna.

Accommodation and food supply will be fully covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. During the YE, participants will stay at the Guest House, in rooms according to EU comfort regulations. Three meals a day and two coffee-breaks will be provided at the venue.

The house for camps and groups is located on the shore of the Azov Sea. There is a quite and cozy atmosphere there, where everyone respect other people privacy.

Askania Nova - a Ukrainian nature reserve located not far from the place. Protected by UNESCO and representing a vast Biosphere species, it will be visited by the project participants.

Askania Nova. Photo cred - Wikipedia

The beautiful Lake Lemuria (Pink Lake) is located near the city of Henichesk and the participants, if they wish, can visit this place by themselves.

Pink Lake. Photo cred: Oksana Shamonova


Participants will meet each other in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are two airports in Kyiv: Kyiv Boryspil International Airport and Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport (Zhuliany). To reach Henichesk, participants will travel by train (hosting organisation will support everyone with tickets, etc).

Please, be aware of the following travel expenses limits:

  • Ukraine - €275
  • Spain - €530
  • Portugal - €530
  • Germany - €275
  • Georgia - €275
  • Turkey - €275

Every participant will have an extra budget of 100€ to cover the expenses for PCR tests. This amount covers round trip. Please, try to fit this amount, otherwise extra is not covered by the project.

Remember! We care about the safety of the participants - therefore, everyone is expected to be checked one or days prior to that PCR/Antigen test have been done and the result is negative or to show a certificate that one is fully vaccinated. Also, we will have our rapid tests to be done at home. Please, if anyone feels some symptoms, let the organisers know in order to avoid any risk among the other team members.

During the APV, it has been agreed that ALL THE PARTICIPANTS will meet at Kyiv central train station and THE WHOLE GROUP will travel to the venue.

!We are meeting 6 pm 31 of August and arriving in Kyiv 8 am 9 of September! Please, book your tickets to be in Kyiv not later than 3 pm on the 31th of August and to leave Kyiv not earlier than 12 pm on the 9th of September.

Together, we will travel back. Don't worry - participants still have the option to take a few extra days to see Kyiv. Therefore, please, provide us with the names of your participants asap to book tickets for them.

Photo cred: Maria Tuzani

Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the partner organization. We would like to remind you that the flight tickets need to be economy class. You are kindly asked to choose the most ecological way of travel.

In order to receive your reimbursement, please, keep all the receipts and travel invoices.

About Ukraine AND tips

Currency: Ukrainian hryvna (you can exchange it from Euro and American dollars) at the exchange spots, which are located literally everywhere.

It is reccommended to bring cash in euro or dollars to Ukraine and exchange them on the spot. At the airport, you participants can change only minimum of 10 euros and dollars, as the currency rate is not the best there.

Time zone: GMT+3

Emergency call: 102

Expected airports to arrive: Boryspil International Airport and "Kyiv" International Airport

Visa: not required for the partner countries. However, you need to have your passport! ID cards do not give you permission to enter Ukraine.

Updated info regarding the rules to visit the country: visitukraine.today

Things to bring:
  • Mosquitoes repellents (!!!)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Light evening clothes (pants and hoodies)
  • Bottle for water
  • A mug or a cup but not the favorite one
  • Sun protection
  • Printed picture or photo of your place/town/country
  • Beach and spare shower towel
  • Flashlight(s)


Weltoffenes Interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V. - Leipzig, Germany

NGO Unit - Kyiv, Ukraine

Georgian Association for Cultural Relations - Tbilisi, Georgia

Gaziantep Local Youth Group - Gaziantep, Turkey

Associacao Juvenil Da Linha De Cascais Rota Jovem - Cascais, Portugal

Asociación Juvenil Talasa - Madrid, Spain

The partners will have to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Select participants according to their motivation and interest, as well as gender balance and target group
  2. Select a group leader, who will be in charge of travel preparation, organising group and attend an APV
  3. Prepare the group for an intercultural experience by providing basics information about the Erasmus+ programme, Youthpass, details about the YE and guidance for the activities that are to be prepared
  4. The evening of individuals (intercultural evening) – should be as interactive and fun as possible. The presentation should be personalised, focused on the ecological themes, and if possible, should involve the rest of the participants
  5. Follow-up activity that will be decided during the YE
  6. Organize a post-evaluation meeting after the end of the project
  7. Provide the group with the support during arrivals, departures and activities

All of these requirements are meant to ensure the quality of the project, to develop participants' sense of responsibility, to create a stronger follow-up, and an important impact.

Contact information

Please, contact following people in the copy:

Oksana Shamonova, project coordinator of NGO Unit

  • oksana.shamonova@gmail.com

Maria Tuzani, director of the WINetzwerk e.V.

  • tuzani.maria@gmail.com