Welcome to our Essential Oil Community "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

Welcome and well done!

You have taken the first step to empowering yourself to take care of yours and your family’s health. But it takes more than purchasing some oils to do that. Sure, you now have some very powerful tools, but tools are only any good if they are used correctly. Please don’t let your beautiful oils just sit there unopened and unused. It can be daunting at first, but you have access to a community of like minded people who all help each other and a support team to accompany you on this journey.

Empower Yourself

It takes courage and patience to learn how to take power over your own and your family’s health. But very quickly you can become an expert, and in the process, you can totally empower yourself. Maybe it will start with you successfully helping your child sleep through the night without coughing, or easing your own digestive issues. But these small steps will help you gain confidence in your own abilities as a healer for your family. Remember, you have in your hands some of the most powerful and safe medicines ever created over millions of years of biological evolution. Every time you use your oils, something magical happens inside your body, leading you to better health. This is backed up by thousands of scientific studies.

How essential oils work in the body

You may have noticed that each essential oil is good for many different applications, and also that many essential oils can be used to treat the same condition. How is that possible? It can be a little confusing at the beginning, because our minds are used to thinking in a traditional synthetic medicine way – you have this condition, you take this pill.

Well, to understand how it is that essential oils work in so many different ways, we need to think about where they come from.

So we all know they come from plants. But this simple statement belies a very complex biological and evolutionary system developed by the plant over millions of years. Plants have no immune system, nor can they run and hide from predators. So they had to develop molecules to deter fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as insects and animals that may eat the plant. BUT at the same time they had to attract other insects to ensure pollination and the continuation of the species. So you can see how complex these molecules of essential oils had to be.


Taking lavender oil as an example, it has around 1,200 different chemical compounds in it. Now compare that to a standard antibiotic developed in a lab. The antibiotic has been created to fight a specific type of bacteria cell. It only has one mechanism, or one weapon to use. All the bacteria has to do is make one tiny change to its cell structure, and the antibiotic is no longer effective. This explains how so many different strains of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics.

Now compare this to an essential oil, which has so many different compounds which all react with different aspects of the target cell (the bacteria for example), that it has no chance of evolving to become resistant. Not only that, but it is getting bombarded on all levels. It is like using your artillery, your air force, your chemical weapons and your ground troops all at the same time.

There is a beautiful synergy sometimes in the way two essential oils work together as well. For example, melaleuca and oregano, when used together, are very effective against bacteria cells. The melaleuca dissolves (in simple terms) the outer membrane of the bacteria cell and the oregano gets inside it and vaporizes it.


Essential oils are not just good for fighting bacteria and viruses. Because of their very complex structure, they can have an effect on our body in many different ways. They can pass through the cell membrane very easily as they are fat soluble, and our cell membranes are made of fat too. They can modify gene expression.

What does this mean? Well, our bodies are constantly making new cells, such as new skin cells, nerve cells, new lung cells, new blood cells, new bone cells etc, to replace old worn out ones. We are made up of cells. Inside each cell, there is a DNA code which determines the makeup of the new cells. If there is an error in this DNA code, then the new cells will not be effective at their job. Over time, your body will not function very well, because the new cells that are being generated have a small problem. This is the basis of chronic disease. One example of how essential oils play a role here is by their ability to shut off the production of an enzyme present in the membranes of tumor cells. By shutting off this defective enzyme which causes the tumor cells to multiply, the tumor can be starved.

Let us look at one more example of the effect of taking something as simple as a drop of lemon essential oil in our water. We all know that the liver is responsible for detoxing our bodies. But very often our livers are stagnant and overworked from the unprecedented amount of toxins we introduce into our bodies. Toxins in our bodies are one of the reasons our DNA transcription becomes corrupted. Most essential oils, and especially lemon, induce enzymes (called Phase I and Phase II) which work together in eliminating toxins from our body. If you are interested in the process, Phase I enzymes break down the toxins by oxidation - think of how iron becomes brittle because it has rusted or oxidized - and then the Phase II enzymes add water soluble molecules to the oxidized products, resulting in a composite molecule which is easy to eliminate via the urine.


Hopefully you get the picture of the complex ways essential oils work in the body, although we have just used a couple of examples. There used to be so much more research into this from the 1950s until 2001, when successful clinical trials were taking place for essential oils having anti tumor effects, treating hepatitis and all kinds of chronic diseases, for essential oils and anti-microbial properties. In 2001, most of the mainstream research stopped abruptly. Luckily interest in essential oils is being revived now as we enter what scientists are calling the 'post antibiotic' phase, when bacteria is becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Hopefully, trials for essential oil efficacy against other diseases of western civilization will also be restarted.


We just want to finish off by trying to express the beauty of the biology involved when essential oils interact with the body. Plants have been around for at least 100 million years. Mammals have had this entire time frame to interact with the molecules of the plant world. On the other hand, most pharmaceutical drugs have been around for 60-70 years. Going back to the liver detoxifying enzymes, it is believed that the evolution of these enzymes was a consequence of this long time frame of interaction. In other words, our early ancestors, while roaming from place to place, would eat plant foods that were new to their bodies, and the essential oil molecules in these foods triggered the evolution of the liver detoxifying enzymes to help rid the body of an unknown substance. It is ironic that these enzymes which help us remove pharmaceuticals from our bodies today, evolved in response to essential oils. We have only just barely scratched the surface of the ways in which essential oils interact with the human body, but we hope it serves to convince you that essential oils are so much more than just some nice smelling home remedies for a sore throat or a rash.


Did you know when you buy doTERRA essential oils, you’re making an impact in the lives of many people around the world? Instead of buying up farms to source their oils, dōTERRA have made a conscious decision to partner with local people all over the world. They source their oils from 45 countries, two thirds of which are developing countries. This has had an enormous impact on local families, who no longer have to put up with low prices previously offered to them by middlemen.

The example of frankincense sourcing shows how communities can be transformed, simply by paying them fair wages and partnering directly and investing in them as a community. dōTERRA’s Frankincense comes from Somalia.

Harvesting Frankincense resin is a delicate process that requires careful planning and precise skill and takes over five months to complete the process. Frankincense harvesters must travel long distances, leaving their families and communities behind. They often live in caves along the way as they harvest frankincense resins from remote locations. Once the tears are harvested, the resin is carefully cleaned, separated, and organized (by size and color) typically by women. The girls often worked alongside their mothers, and were often subjected to harassment and difficult working conditions for pitifully low pay. When dōTERRA made a deal directly with the harvesting families, they increased their pay tenfold. The women went from earning $50 per month to earning $500. They have built two schools in the harvesting communities, through their Healing Hands Foundation. They created warehouses where the women can work safely with flushing toilets and running water. They are also building clinics and have just been approved to build a hospital in the remote northern area of Somalia.


You have surely noticed that essential oils are everywhere these days. While the revival in interest for these potent natural medicines is a good thing, it has unfortunately spawned a large industry of unscrupulous manufacturers. And as there is no regulating body nor industry standard, anyone can put anything on their bottles. So pure does not necessarily mean pure, and unfortunately it usually is not.

There are a few ways that oils can be adulterated. The worst way is that there is nothing natural in the oil. It is simply made in a lab from a mixture of chemicals that mimic more or less the chemical profile of the pure essential oil. These will be the cheapest oils on the market and have absolutely no therapeutic value and can even be harmful.

Oils can also be extended, that is, mixed with a cheaper substance, like a carrier oil, such as coconut or almond oil, or they can be extended with alcohol or emulsifiers. Since an oil will often have one or two main components, as well as many many others, one way companies can make a cheaper oil is by sourcing the main components from a cheaper plant, and then combining everything together in a lab, much like a jigsaw puzzle, until you get something virtually identical to the pure true source oil. The problem with this is that the oil will not have the full therapeutic effect. For example, lavender has around 1,200 different chemical components, and it is a very well known treatment for burns. However, scientists have not been able to isolate any single component that is responsible for this effect. It seems that it is a combination of many components working together which give lavender its burn healing properties.

Some of the better quality oil companies will produce an oil that only comes from the pure plant but they will buy the oil from a broker on the open market. Therefore they have no relationship nor control over the growing or distilling process which might pick up unwanted substances.

dōTERRA does extensive third party testing and its own testing to ensure that the oil is completely pure. In fact, if you look at the bottom of your oil bottle, you will see a batch number.

Because there was no industry standard for essential oils, dōTERRA created one called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which it adheres to. dōTERRA also have direct agreements with all their growers and their distillers and buy directly from them. The purity and reliability of dōTERRA oils means that they are often chosen by scientists for clinical trials, as to get accurate results, you need to make sure the oil is as consistent as possible between one batch and another.

Please take the time to watch this short video, explaining why purity matters so much

One drop of dōTERRA essential oil is potent and goes a long way. The oils can be used to effectively support our immune systems and manage or balance our moods, or help heal specific conditions.


Many of the oils are safe to be applied to the skin, however as you get started you may want to dilute them with a carrier oil (we love doTERRA’s pure fractionated coconut oil). Diluting doesn’t in any way lessen the efficiency of the oils.

Here are some examples of oils you may like to dilute and apply

Make a headache blend of lavender, peppermint and frankincense, diluted with coconut oil in a roller bottle and apply to temples or back of the neck.

Add Zengest to coconut oil and massage your belly after a meal

Dilute Oregano on its own, or with On Guard, with coconut oil and apply to the bottoms of the feet for immune support.

Add a drop of Frankincense to your moisturiser for radiant skin.

Use the dilution ratio above and enjoy an aromatic dressing (whole body self-massage). Try 2 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of Wild Orange and 1 drop of lavender.

One of the best places to apply your oils is the bottom of the feet, as the oils quickly enter the bloodstream, because the pores there are largest. When applying topically to babies or children, please take care and dilute more.

Be aware of the ‘hot oils’ (Oregano, On Guard, Cinnamon, Cassia) that may sting or burn, so be careful where you apply. Always patch test any new oils on your wrist. Keep them away from your eyes, ears or other sensitive areas) If you get oil in your eyes, or on your skin just rub extra fractionated coconut oil around or over the area. Water and oils don’t mix, so avoid wetting your skin for a while after applying oils.


Many dōTERRA oils can be used internally. Please read the label or consult the Modern Essentials app, as some oils are unsuitable for ingestion. In the US the oils will say supplement on the label if you can ingest them. In Europe, it will say for food flavouring or supplement, but if you purchased a kit, the accompanying information will tell you which oils are safe to take internally. Here are some ways you may like to take the oils internally.

Sipping one drop in some water - Lemon, Slim & Sassy, Orange, Grapefruit or Lime

Placing a drop on the roof of mouth or under the tongue (Frankincense) Placing a drop under your tongue (Grapefruit, Slim & Sassy)

Gargling (Peppermint or On Guard)

In capsule form - add a few drops of essential oil to a veggie cap and add a little olive oil. To beat an oncoming illness, try this powerful combo: 1 drop each of lemon, oregano, frankincense, on guard and melaleuca in a veggie capsule (these are available from dōTERRA also)

You can also cook with your oils! Just a drop or two will be plenty.


This is the most effective of all ways to use your oils - inhaling them! You can either take the cap off and breathe in, or place a drop in between your hands, rub them together and inhale deeply, or diffuse them. Using your oils aromatically is wonderful for emotional support. So for example, if you need to focus, you can use In Tune by dabbing a tiny bit under your nostrils so you can continue to inhale it. If you’re feeling super stressed out, try inhaling Roman Chamomile or Serenity, or even just plain Lavender. If you need to centre yourself, a deep sniff of Balance.


We love to use our diffusers for being proactive with how we want to feel - energised, relaxed, calm, restored, joyful, invigorated for example. For kids that need winding down at night or adults with a mind that won’t switch off, a diffuser in their bedroom is a lovely thing to do. There are some gorgeous oils and blends that support sleep, such as Serenity, cedarwood and vetiver. In the morning, try the elevation blend in the diffuser in the bathroom, or any citrus blend with peppermint to set up your morning feeling happy and energised.

We use up to 6 drops in our diffusers, depending on the size of the room, and have a diffuser in nearly every room of the house!


1) The key with oils is to use less oil, more often, rather a lot of oils once or twice during the day. Consult The Essential Life book for more dosage recommendations.

2) Your feet are always a great location to apply the oils. Your body knows how to direct the oils to go to where they are best needed. The oils are within your bloodstream within seconds, and can affect your whole body within 20 minutes.

3) It is important to keep your oils out of extreme temperatures - take care not to store them where they will be in direct sun and don’t leave them in a hot car, for example.

4) Remember, the above information is intended for use only with dōTERRA essential oils. As with any medicines, prudence is advised. Some oils work better for different people, as it comes down to your individual chemistry. So if the first recommended oil is not working, try the second one on the list.

5) When sharing dōTERRA essential oils with children and pregnant women, a little extra caution is advised. Always refer to The Essential Life book or the Modern Essentials book

6) Citrus oils are photosensitive, so take care applying them before spending time in the sun as sunburn is more likely.

NOTE: We suggest taking the oils with food, and particularly, good fats. One or two drops is more than enough in a big glass of water, so use sparingly.


Log in to your back office by visiting www.doterra.com and hovering over “Account” at top right.

Enter your dōTERRA ID and password.

For your dōTERRA ID, refer back to the welcome email sent to you by dōTERRA.

As a member you will always be able to purchase your oils at 25% off the retail price. You have a choice whether to order through a standard order or what’s called a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order.


dōTERRA has a very generous Loyalty Rewards Program by which they reward us for ordering monthly. If you are going to be ordering regularly, then the LRP is the smartest way to order your oils, as you can earn free product points (up to 30% of your PV value), and receive free products every month. We call it the ‘Free Oils Program’!

dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program provides free product points for monthly purchases ordered on the program. As a participant you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used to purchase dōTERRA products. The longer you participate, the more points you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases.


You need to update your monthly order at least 24 hours before the shipment date. No LRP will be processed after 28th of the month

So, what we recommend is for people to order at least 50 PV every month (if their budget permits) in order to keep increasing the percentage that they get back as product points. After 13 months, you will be getting back a whopping 30% of your spend on free product points, on top of the 25% wholesale discount. However, there is no obligation to do this. If you don’t order 50 PV one month, you will just stay at the same percentage band. But you do have to order at least 50 PV for three months in a row to move to the next percentage band.

If you decide to cancel your LRP order, you need to call customer services, which is very efficient and friendly. Telephone Number is 0203 318 0064. Make sure you spend any accumulated points before you cancel, or you will lose them.

NB. Your points are added to your account after the first 60 days of your membership for redemption.


You can change what products you order and how much you spend each month

You don’t have to order a large quantity every month. If you need to have a low spend dōTERRA month, you can order as little as 5PV and maintain your percentage and your current points.

You can change your order as many times as you want up until midnight (USA Mountain Time) before the processing date

Change the processing date any time


Here are the educational resources we recommend, because knowledge is power!

The Essential Life Book is an incredible resource to look up any health issues that come up or to even just learn more about the oils you already have. It's also a great place to learn about oils you might NOT have yet, and why you might want to add certain oils to your collection in the future. You can also find loads of recipes and DIY ideas to incorporate into your new natural lifestyle. Alternatively, Modern Essentials, is also a very good book. The best places to buy these books change depending on availability. In the UK, essentialoilsupplies.co.uk is a good site and in the US, oillife.com and sometimes amazon.com is the best place - even for UK customers.

Essential oils are an incredible tool to have in hand when it comes to the flow of life and all the feels that come with it. From anger to joy, acceptance to connection, motivation to peace. There is an essential oil for literally every one we or our loved ones go through in life.


These Apps are so useful to have on hand to help utilise your oils

Search doTERRA accounts on Instagram, there are lots of different ones which post daily with information about products and DIYs.


Sharing your Oils

When you start using your essential oils you will naturally find yourself sharing them with others. There is a great business opportunity available if you are interested. Anything from getting your oils and products paid for - to earning an income. Contact me for more information.

Free Wellness Consult and Membership Overview

Your enrollment and starter kit purchase comes with a complimentary Wellness Consult and Membership Overview from us! This is where we get to meet on a live video chat, or in person over coffee (or tea) and hear what YOUR health needs are. We will help create a customized wellness plan just for you! We also have an Integrative Health Coach who is happy to have an free hour's consultation with you if you feel you need that extra support. Please reach out to the person who enrolled you.

Thank you for joining our Essential Oil Community, we are super excited as we welcome you to our beautiful journey of self- discovery and empowerment with doTERRA essential oils.

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

Once you truly experience the magic of doTERRA, there is no going back!


Essential Oil Community is a very diverse group of women who share a love for natural medicine and showing people how they can be in charge of their own healthcare. The changes we’ve seen in our own health from using essential oils has made us determined to spread this knowledge, so every family can benefit from nature’s amazing gifts.

Yasmina is an integrative health practitioner and teaches people how to incorporate the oils and supplements with nutrition, stress management and detoxification to get people to turn their health around. Lydia is our mental health expert, and having battled eczema and gut issues all her life, brings her considerable experience and knowledge in these areas too. Lisa is a natural birth advocate and our expert on using oils with babies and young children. Targa is a life coach and has a gift for selecting the right oils for their energetic and emotional qualities.


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