Vocabulary BY: Jadyn Brooks and faith lee


Definition- experienced to a severe or intense degree.

Example- The boy experienced an acute heartbreak.


Definition- an unknown name

Example- When John sent flowers to the girl he liked, he kept it anonymous.


Definition- anxious or fearful that something bad may happen.

Example- When Lily started to get on the roller coaster she started to become apprehensive about how high it was.


Definition- conceited

Example- When the team's quarterback made a touchdown, he started to become arrogant.


Definition- an honor, right or gift.

Example- When I went to college I was given a bestow for my good grades.


Definition- a person who donates something

Example- When you get driver's license, they ask you if you would like to be an organ donor.


Definition- Extreme fear of something

Example- When she was little, the girl was afraid of spiders


Definition- Important or famous

Example- Elvis Presley was prominent in the 1950's.


Definition- acting with or showing care/thought for the future.

Example- The student was very prudent while listening to the speech during his class.


Definition- a person or thing that receives or is awarded something.

Example- The girl was a recipient of outstanding attendance because she was at school everyday.


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