Euro 2016, Portugal, and a Teachable Moment

With the UEFA's Euro Cup behind us, we now have a European champion of soccer, Portugal. This is big not just for the members of the Portugal International Team, and die head fans the world over, this is big for our students. That is because Portugal should not have won, but did.

In life people will tell you that the odds are stacked against you, the challenge is continue on regardless of the outcome, and be proud.

With a 21% chance of winning, and their star Ronaldo out in the 25th minute, Portugal scored in overtime via a player that hasn't had a goal in 15 games. Let this sink in for a moment. Imagine having "no chance" with your star teammate, and winning without him via someone who also "has no chance".

It is here that lies the teachable moment for students. It's not about winning, it's not even about standing up against all odds, it's about showing up and trying your best, and even if you fail, never ever giving up.

Portugal shared something with us tonight to teach our students. You aren't just a moment in time, a test, a grade, a decision. You are a person that can learn, adapt, and grow from choices in life and in the end become that champion that each of our students are destine to become.

Even more so, for a student who for them, we might be the only person cheering them on in the stands.
So how do we show our students that we believe in them, trust them, and know that they're capable of greatness?

That's right, give them the ball!

Give them a chance to feel empowered and inspired to succeed.

And let's not forget that we might just even surprise ourselves...
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Michael Cohen
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