"I can just use my smart phone to make a video" But, there's another side to that...

Anybody can make a video these days (well not just anyone) with these portable movie studios we all carry around in our pockets. It seems to be the practical way to go. But, do you really want to represent your brand with a device that anyone can just pull out and use? The 15 year old high schooler has a smartphone and creates videos about their favorite pair of shoes or their friends after school party. This puts your brand and marketing campaign in league with them. If good quality video can make you money, it logically follows that low quality video will lose you money. Getting it right can mean a huge uplift in website conversions and sales, but getting it wrong can put people off. But does that mean that just anyone with a smartphone could produce a successful corporate video? It’s highly unlikely, which is why hiring a professional video production team is still the best way to achieve success in video marketing.

How will your video standout from the sea of smartphone user will generated videos?

Some will argue that your videos don’t have to be perfect. It’s the content that matters! Unfortunately not in all cases. If your video can't hold anyone's attention, then there's no real point to making it. That's the real trick though, isn't it? If it were easy to make engaging videos, then every Hollywood movie would be incredible. If your story is weak or unclear, they won’t pay attention and they’ll dismiss your message altogether.

In a digital world oversaturated with content, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Latest research shows that users are mostly put off by videos that don’t explain the product or service clearly enough. Low quality and poor design did matter. While it’s exciting to see so many business owners experimenting with creating video content on their mobile device, there are some areas where improvements can be made and plenty of room for mistakes, hours lost and added frustration.

It might seem simple, but in reality, a corporate video production project is comprised of several highly technical components. Having the right equipment for the task is only one part of the puzzle – there’s also planning the shoot, creating the concept and the copy for the video, editing, color grading, lighting, distribution, and promotion to think of as well. That’s a lot to ask of one person! A professional video production team like The King’s Touch Media Group has the resources and experience to manage every aspect of the creative process and guide the production of your corporate video on the road to success for your brand.

Media Producer, Roberta King


Created with images by Angela Compagnone - "Lives’ crossing"

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