Leaders in Virtual Design & Construction Ryan Catus APM, Zack Petersen, PE and Ryan Tousley, APM

By day, Ryan, Zack and Ryan are out in the field coordinating building construction by creating 3D models of major building components and using Bluebeam, an intelligent PDF software that simplifies document control, distribution and management. They are just three of many Weitz engineers who have mastered the art of digital modeling and document control, assets to every Weitz project.

By night, you can sometimes find them on a basketball practice, shooting hoops and acing free throws. The three are a part of a Weitz basketball team, which plays in a West Des Moines Parks and Rec league every year. This past season, the team took home 3rd Place in the league. This summer, they'll be playing 3-on-3 basketball in the Des Moines Corporate Games tournament.

Ryan (far left), Zack (center) and Ryan (right) playing in a Des Moines city league.

Ryan Catus, APM for the Iowa State University Bessey Hall Addition, explains how a project benefits from VDC modeling:

By modeling the building components, such as its structural elements, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, in 3D, we are able to perform what is called a 'clash detection'. We build this model from the project design and engineering drawings, which then allow us to more accurately see where building components may potentially overlap, or clash, when built in the field. Because of this, we are able to reconfigure building components before they are ever created for the project, which saves time on the project and, ultimately, results in cost savings for our customer."
RYan catus, apm for the bessey hall addition, center, gives a tour of the project and his role to iowa state university construction engineering students
A Weitz VDC model of the structural and facade components of the Hilton Des Moines Downtown, to open April 2018

Ryan Tousley, APM for the Hilton Des Moines Downtown project:

Whether it is coordinating overhead building systems in a 3D model or coordinating fully detailed models of the prefabricated bathroom PODs on the Hilton Des Moines Downtown project, I leverage my passion for technology and Lean processes to help lead our projects in their implementation of technology solutions to Build a Better Way."
Ryan Tousley, APM for the Hilton Des Moines Downtown, coordinates a digital 3D model with Field Superintendent Chad Sanson

Zack Petersen, PE for the Drake STEM project:

Build a Better Way to me means to look for new, innovative ways to push the boundaries of standard construction techniques. Weitz is pushing those boundaries by implementing the use of 3D coordinated models, digital plan sets and Lean construction techniques on our projects."
Zack petersen, pe for the drake stem project, analyzes the project's vdc model for component clashes

To learn more about what Ryan, Zack and Ryan do with VDC and digital document management, connect with them at the links below:

Ryan Catus:

Zack Petersen:

Ryan Tousley:

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