The role of African Americans and Women during WWII By: Lorenzo M. and jeckson U.

Women During World War 2:

When men were drafted to the war, women had to leave their homes to work the jobs that men had to do. Having to work in factories was something new to women so they gave it their all. Some women even volunteered to join the war as nurses overseas.

African Americans during World war 2:

African Americans played a big role in the war. They helped fight on the battlefield against the enemies. They faced challenges like racism and discrimination even when they were putting their life on the line fighting for their country.

Similarities and differences between African Americans and Women during WW2:


  • Both African Americans and women faced rejection when companies didn't want to hire them
  • They were paid less than white males
  • They made sacrifices to keep their families safe and secure
  • They knew they were more capable then anyone ese


  • Unlike women, African Americans could physically fight on the battlefield.
  • Women had to either be nurses in the war or work the jobs that men had to do back home.
  • African Americans were targeted to be killed rather then women

Treatment of Women during WW2:

  • The abilities of a woman were underestimated. They were doing the same jobs men did but didn't get the same pay.
  • Before the war, women could't do the jobs that men did. When men were drafted to go fight in the war, that's when the government took action and wanted women to work.

Women's Contribution to WW2:

  • Some women left the U.S. to work in the armed forces as nurses in the war.
  • Women contributed greatly because they had to work to provide materials for the U.S. to win the war.
  • I think that women really showed the whole nation what they were capable of during the war.


I think that women contributed greatly towards the American victory in WW2 but the government didn't give them the acknowledgment they deserved when it comes to rights.

Slogan: ''We Can Do It!"

Treatment of African Americans during WW2:

  • The U.S. Armed Forces were officially segregated until 1948; so African Americans were segregated against throughout the war.
  • African Americans faced discrimination on the streets, when applying for a job, and in the Armed Forces.

African Americans' Contribution to WW2:

  • Over 2.5 million African American men registered for the draft.
  • African American women also volunteered to be nurses in the war.
  • On D-Day, the First Army on Omaha and Utah Beaches included about 1,700 African American troops.


I think that African Americans contributed greatly towards the American victory in WW2 but they weren't treated fairly when it comes to civil rights back at home.

Slogan:''United We Win!''

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