IDIOMS Season 1, Episode 1

Idiom: "IT HIT ME":

  • Meaning: at that moment, I finally understood

Example: After my fish died, it hit me: I had taken his ever-presence for granted.


  • Meaning: If two people drift apart, they gradually become less friendly and their relationship ends.

Example: The two women, who had been roommates in college, drifted apart after they got married

Idiom: "Catch someone's name"

  • Meaning: I don't remember your name.; I didn't hear your name when we were introduced


Bill: How do you like this weather?

Bob: It's not too good. By the way, I didn't catch your name. I'm Bob Wilson.

Bill: I'm Bill Franklin.

Bob: Nice to meet you, Bill.

Idiom: "Catch on" (to something)

Example: Then I caught on to what it was the guy was saying.

Idiom: "Cut someone off"

  • Meaning: interrupt someone while they are speaking.

Example: In the middle of her sentence, the teacher cut her off short. Bob cut off Mary when she was trying to explain.

Idiom: to get it together (get your act together)

  • Meaning: to become fit or organized; to organize one's thinking; to become relaxed and rational.

Example: I hope he gets it together soon. His life is a mess.

Idiom: to be on a roll

  • Meaning: to be having a successful period

Example: The cubs are on a roll right now. They've won thirteen games in a row.

Idiom: to take credit for something

Meaning: to allow people to believe that you have done something, whether it is true or false.

Example: She took credit for the painting but her father had actually painted the picture.

Idiom: to get laughed out of the room

  • Meaning: also be laughed out of town/business etc American English if a person or idea is laughed out of court etc, the idea is not accepted because people think it is completely stupid:

Example: We can't propose that! We'd be laughed out of court!

Writing Prompt:

The ball is in your court: please, write a Dialogue using 6 of the Idioms


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