If you've not experienced Yosemite in winter, do it. The majesty of Yosemite is hard to beat - anywhere in the world and at any time of the year. We've been there in late spring, when the waterfalls thunder into the valley, and now in the winter when the waterfalls are almost silent and the landscape, covered in snow, reveals a different but still charming view of this magnificent park. While we were just a little restricted as to where we could go without chains, we got to everywhere we wanted to photograph at choice times. Clouds and fog, mingled with periods of sunshine gave us scenes that are impossible to capture at any other time of year. It's difficult to describe in words what we witnessed with our eyes so, as the idiom "one picture is worth thousand words" tells us, here are several thousand words captured by our workshop participants.

Alfredo Fayard's closeup of Yosemite Falls shows just a whisper of water as snow begins to accumulate in the surrounding landscape. In another month, the water will be gone and Yosemite will be silent until the snow and ice melt of spring allows it to thunder again.
Carol Behrmann uses the presence of mist to create a moody El Capitan.
A clever peek-a-boo of the Merced River shared by Howard Lyon.
A beautiful view of Half Dome and its reflection. This Christmas card capture by Myron Rice.
Another Christmas card image, this one from Omar Longoria, looking the opposite way from Myron's shot above.
Of course, there's wildlife in Yosemite and Mike Hurley captures this cute glance from a resident.
Sandy Longoria uses a fence line to lead our eyes to El Cap in dappled light

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