The Tech Team The people behind the technology at Nazareth

Director of Technology, Kevin Guzaitis. Photo and interview by Miles Hayford.

Kevin Guzaitis has been Naz’s Director of Technology for 22 years, but he is so much more than that. He is a guy who is passionate about gaming, boats, and family.

Guzaitis attended Purdue University for Systems Analysis and Design along with Computer Programming.

He is very passionate about his job at Nazareth and he loves what he does. His favorite part of the job is the continuing education that comes with it. “The constant exposure to technology and all the technology I work with…I work with every aspect of technology here and I find that refreshing because I get to see and be exposed to the latest technology,” shared Guzaitis.

He does admit that it is a challenging job that is sometimes stressful. “It is always a changing field, and you have to keep up. I am responsible for all the faculty and staff and students here to make sure they have a good experience, so that can become stressful.” Guzaitis is constantly addressing students’ or teachers’ problems with the technology and he acknowledges the great responsibility and pressure that comes with the job.

This love of technology goes beyond the inner workings of Naz. He really enjoys going to Disney World purely because of the technology. “It’s one of the more amazing places with what they do technologically,” said Guzaitis.

Guzaitis also enjoys playing video games outside of work. Some of his favorite games include Call of Duty and The Division. One upside of last year’s quarantine was that the downtime helped him get back into gaming. He also enjoys the outdoors. “I go boating, jet skiing, and I love being outside,” he said.

Guzaitis loves spending time with family and boats are a large part of that. “Me and my family just bought a new boat and we spent time as a family to do that. We get on the boat and just have family time.”

Guzaitis also enjoys watching movies. He calls himself “a big sci-fi guy.” He also loves movies from his childhood. “I love 80s action movies and ‘Stargate’ and all that kind of stuff from the 80s,” he said. He feels that movies are a way for him and his wife to relax.

Guzaitis does so much for Nazareth, whether it is fixing our technology problems or creating new ways for Naz to be efficient through technology. But he is also more than just the Director of Technology for Naz. He is a guy who understands the importance of family, a guy who loves video games, while at the same time, being a guy who loves the outdoors. Guzaitis is someone you should get to know because once you do, you will realize there is more to the Director of Technology than meets the eye.

Screenshot of Peck taken during Zoom. Photo and interview by Jeni Iyengar.

Benjamin Peck is the Assistant Technology Coordinator in the Nazareth Technology Department. He often visits classrooms to solve tech problems and skillfully helps faculty and staff with issues with their WiFi and hardware, such as projectors and adapters.

Before he came to Nazareth, he had a well-rounded background, which includes receiving an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology, serving in the U.S. Army for four years, and working for the government in the private sector.

Peck has a lot to say about his army and government work ethic. “It was chalk-full of experiences, I grew up very fast, and I learned what it’s like to work very, very hard and earn things for myself,” Peck said.

He feels that his role at Nazareth in the Technology Department is the perfect fit for him because of his background and because he enjoys helping others. Peck said, “After military experience and working for the government, I really wanted to be associated with a school and helping kids in whatever way that I could.”

Peck enjoys learning new things in his career and getting to know his colleagues in order to cooperate and work better with them. He admits that it is difficult sometimes to understand people’s varied relationships with and attitudes toward technology.

Apart from his career, Peck enjoys many activities including playing the guitar. Peck said, “I bought my first guitar while I was deployed in Iraq, and I taught myself because I had tons of time over there.” While he likes a variety of music, punk rock holds a special place. “I really appreciated old school punk rock, and it really had a big influence on me when I was growing up,” Peck said.

Peck also values his family time. “I also have a kid at home, so I'm able to spend time with her and help her find her own hobbies and just keep her busy,” Peck said. During the pandemic, he has made the best of his time by spending time with his family every day.

Another interesting fact about him is that he is a fan of Anime. Peck said, “I’m actually part of the Anime Club.” He also enjoys staying fit over the summer by hiking, running, and doing fun outdoor activities.

While Tech is the name of his game here at Nazareth, it’s clear that Peck’s life is full of variety.

Ms. Majer and Ms. Claxton working in Claxton's office. Interview by SJ Weidner.

Whether your WiFi is not connecting, you need to learn how to work Zoom and adapt to online learning, you have a question regarding National Honor Society, or just want to learn new ways to use your technology, Laura Claxton is there to help you through it all!

As the Media Specialist and member of the Technology team, Claxton manages the Media Center, the Collaboratory, and helps out with anything technology related. “This year it’s been a ton of troubleshooting, so everything from figuring out how we could set up a web page for all the teachers for their Zoom links for parent-teacher conferences to help that run smoothly, to working with Sister Terry on how to use the different software that she might need help with in today’s challenges,” shared Claxton.

What some may not know is that before Claxton came to work for Nazareth, she was a Roadrunner herself who graduated in 1996. When asked how Naz has changed since her time in school, Claxton said, “The student input I think is a huge change. The fact that you guys have input on what clubs happen and you’re constantly being asked about things, whether it’s about the schedule or other topics related to the student experience, is pretty amazing to me. It’s also pretty cool that some traditions have carried on since I was here, everything from Ring Night to Junior Retreat.”

Claxton began her professional career with technology at the Chicago Tribune as their Senior Editor of Digital News. While working at the Tribune, she also worked towards earning her Master’s Degree in Social and Cultural Foundations of Education from DePaul University.

“A lot of what I was doing at the end of my time at the Tribune was working with technology and trying to teach it within the newsroom,” said Claxton.

As a member of the Board of Trustees at Nazareth as well, Claxton was able to apply as the Media Specialist and continue to be a part of the Naz Family.

From being a student at Naz, to a member of the Board of Trustees, and now as Media Specialist, Claxton has seen the growth and advancement of technology used at school firsthand. She shared, “I think people totally know now that technology is no replacement for teaching. It is a tool that is to be used properly to enhance teaching and make it more efficient.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Claxton has been spending a lot of time with her family and daughters baking and attending virtual dance parties with extended relatives.

Claxton also offers excellent advice to high school students. “You don’t have to have all the answers and you don’t have to totally know yourself at this point, so don’t put that pressure on yourself. Who you are is always going to be changing and you’re always going to be discovering new things about yourself, and don’t fear that, embrace that.”


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