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THRYVE Fitness + Yoga + Wellness began out of our desire to offer higher standard of health and wellness to those we train, teach, and coach. THRYVE isn't a physical space, it is a mindset we evoke in our daily decisions. By sorting through the overwhelming amount of information on the topics of fitness, yoga, and wellness, THRYVE breaks down the research, inspires creative thinking, and helps map out your blueprint to THRYVE in your daily life. We believe that every person has the ability to take ownership of their health, they just need the right tools to build the foundation.

Kirsten Beverley-Waters

Kirsten Beverley-Waters has spent more than 13 years in the fitness, yoga and wellness industry. Growing up as an athlete gave Kirsten an identity in which to follow much of her adolescent life, but cancer opened her eyes to the way in which she wants to teach the world.

Kirsten is a firecracker yogi and coach-- magnetic, energetic, and entertaining. A wanderlust for the world, the mat and her body are her trusted homes, and she helps others find that sacred body and soul connection. Her classes provide a space to sweat, strengthen, detox, grow, and feel a sense of community and belonging. Movement, not just fitness, has been like gravity in her life. It has rooted her, yet she grew wings so she could lead flocks of others.

As the founder of THRYVE, she is a warrior for self-acceptance, perseverance, and finding life balance. Like many athletes, Kirsten was initially drawn to fitness as a competitive athlete.

By taking her experience as a fitness instructor, endurance, and olympic weight lifting coach, nature lover, adventurer, water sports enthusiast, and rock climber, Kirsten applies her adventurous, athletic spirit into her teachings, providing a real world application to each practice and program she creates. Her personal experience with cancer drives her passion for fusing fitness with primary health care and mental wellness. Step into a session with her and engage in a practice that will empower, challenge, and transform you.

Kirsten is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, a Yoga Medicine Certified 200 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor, and has earned CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Rowing certifications.



Event Portfolio

Workshop Guide

Yoga Workshops

Unleash Your Inner Athlete [90 min All Levels]

In this high energy mindfully created workshop, you will learn how to harness your strength, build stamina and find more balance. The 90-minutes is broken down into three parts:

Flow State: Tap into your athlete "flow state" as you work through a series of movements designed to bring breath into action and action into strength.

The Foundations: Learn the key foundations to designing a home practice that adapts with your goals.

Flexibility: Establish new mobility practices that work with restoring your mind and body.

It doesn't matter if you want to look more like an athlete or you want to elevate your athletic performance, this workshop will give you the tools necessary to take your practice and athleticism to the next level.

Unleash your Inner Athlete, Unlock your Practice's Potential.

Unstick your Muscles: Myofascial Release Training

Learn what fascia is and why it is important to your practice and overall health. This 2 hour workshop will walk you through the steps to unlock common trouble areas in the body to aid in greater range of motion, increased flexibility, strength and power.

This workshop will cover basic anatomy as well as structure and function as it pertains to self myofascial release. Attendees will leave with a myofascial protocol or athlete plan for daily use in their practice.

Warrior Spirit [60 min intermediate]

Unlock your inner warrior as you flow through this vinyasa sequence. Class will focus on strength and surrender using breath and movement as your warrior chant. Be ready to step onto the mat with the energy of your tribe lifting you up and supporting you through every asana.

Description: Bruce Lee once said that, “what makes a successful warrior is the average man with laser focus.” Through this practice students will focus their drishti on breath and movement as a moving meditation. Firing up our centers (core) to march and move as one. This flow will make you sweat, but feel so good. Drawing inspiration from martial arts, calisthenics and dance each student will leave finding new ways to harness their inner warrior on a daily basis.

Props Needed: 1 block

Fitness Workshops

THRYVE Blueprint: A 2-day workshop designed to jump start your fitness journey

This 2-day workshop teaches attendees how to build a lifestyle of health and fitness. Working through the fundamental principles of what makes us THRYVE is at the core of this workshop.

Power of SHE: Strength Training for the Female Athletes

This 6 hour workshop is a full day immersion on the female body, goal setting and program development. Women will learn how to assess their goals, lifestyle and fitness plan to create a program that is designed with the female body in mind.

Runner's High

This 3-day workshop covers running gait, conditioning, training structure, recovery and mindset for endurance runners.

This course is great for runner's looking to find an edge in competitive running or just find their rhythm. The workshop is broken down into Running Mechanics, Program Building, Recovery & Mindset.

Wellness Workshops

The IMage: Harnessing the power of "I AM" with Female Body Image.

This full day workshop breaks down the walls that women build up around their body image. With social media depicting "perfect bodies" and "perfect lives" women fall victim to distorted images of self worth and self-esteem.

Attendees learn to stand in their power and harness "I AM" as a power mantra. This isn't just a feel good seminar to leave you feeling inspired. We work through daily action steps to continue a healthy relationship with our bodies, food and the world around us.

DIET... the real bad word

There is a reason the food and diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every person claims to have the magic bullet to get your shredded faster, lift more weight and bikini body ready in minimal time. This seminar is about ending the diet and starting a sustainable nutrition plan that adapts with your life and connects with where you are going.

Nutrition is more than the food you put in your mouth. It is the relationship you create with it. In this 4 hour workshop participants can investigate what keeps them from attaining their fitness and wellness goals, as well as design a plan for how to overcome setbacks and finally step into our health.

THRYVE Mindset: Debunking the mysticism of mediation and tapping into your flow state

High performance athletes in extreme sports like cliff diving or surfing are known for their ability to make split second decisions with eagle like precision. This ability to slow time down, in a manner of speaking, and speed up reaction time is known as the flow state. Flow state helps us zero in on tasks, goals or situations with laser focus. This isn't a mindset just for athletes. It is a state we can all tap into.

In this 4 hour workshop we learn the techniques for tapping into flow state and how to harness that power to propel you towards your goals. Whether it is mastering a new health lifestyle or crushing a work presentation flow state is a training that can help anyone.

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