David Lachapelle A man with many creative ideas

David Lachapelle was born in March 11, 1963 in Fairfield, Connecticut. David Lachapelle might be alive or not according to his recent activity of photography.

David has done many artistic doings such as being a fine- art photography, music video director, film director, and an artist. People finds that David is best as a photographer, because of his ideas and photos. His style of photography is hyperrealism for subversive themes.

From what I have found through multiple websites that David uses hyperrealism for his fine-art work.There is not that much for what he uses for photography except hyperrealism.

David Lachapelle works for Andy Warhol. In 1980 Andy Warhol recognized David's work and David was given his first job shooting for a interview magazine.

For each website that I went to, I only found out what he has done for photography but not what he uses for his photos. The more research I went through there were all the same about hyperrealism, what his is talented for, what he did before photography, and why he took these type of photos. I can't really find anything else.

From a website that someone created Said that David uses intricate lighting techniques. One of his techniques is synching his light with a fast speed to allow him with very little ambient light to spill. Another way that he use is to use a ring flash to give a bright halo effect to his photograph.

The way that David was influenced was a photo that he took of his mom when he took on a family outing in Puerto Rico.

From what I have researched is that the only thing that I was interested was about him and how he work. So far I learned that people that he works with always have something to say about David Lachapelle like why he is not being interviewed and why it is rescheduled.

I am interested a little bit of his work because most of his work is inappropriate to see. So far most of his photos are creative to look at and I would look at the details of his photos. The reason I picked this photographer is because of the word unique. The only thing that came in my mind is unique and I would like to see something that is uncommon and filled with its own creativity. David Lachapelle have a creative mind for most of his artwork and I would stare at them for a couple of minutes.

I am mostly disturbed by a lot of photos that he created or what he pictured in his mind. These photos are less disturbing than the others.

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