Goddess Hera By:Andrea.H

Hera was known as zeus's sister and wife. She was forced to marry him after Zues tricked her and had to marry him to hide her shame. Zues wasn't the best husband. Hera grew very jealous because Zues would cheat in Hera with other women. .A good example Is of Alcmene a mortal Zues had an affair with he shaped into Alcmene's husband and they had a child half human half god named Hercules witch Hera made many attempts to kill but faild.(Myth Encyclopedia)

Character Traits: |Jealous| Zues would always cheat on her .......

|CRUEL| Hera tried to kill Heracles as a baby many times but faild.

|Clever| Zues would always try to hide his affairs but Hera always seemed to figure them out.Some of her plots against his affairs were pretty clever too.(greek god)

Hera was seen as the ideal women for the Greek's. She was the goddess of marriage and family.(Ancient History)

Hera had a right to be jealous and act how she does.






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