Poetry Portfolio By: Lorena Vega

Flower Poem

All my petals fell

Soon I will be beautiful

I am a flower

Thinking poem

I smoke, look, and think

Looking toward the window

Thinking about life

Bubble Poem

I feel a nice breeze

When I'm in the air I'm free

I hope I don't pop

City Poem

The city is nice

All the city lights are bright

I love my city

Barbie Poem

People look at us

Modeling on the runway

I am a model

Mannequin poem

I wish I could walk

I wish I could be alive

I'm not a person

Robot poem

I cannot get wet

I have to recharge a lot

I am a robot

The Streets Poem

Streets are dangerous

Especially in New York

But we do not judge

Skateboard poem

I have four small wheels

Don't judge my height, but my speed

I am a skateboard

Dogs Poem

I'm energetic

I love to fetch in the park

I am a nice dog

Beach poem

The beach is sandy

The beach is always peaceful

The beach is awesome

Emotions Poem

Emotions are bad

They are always confusing

And you can't stop it

Sun Poem

The sun is so bright

The sun is a source of light

It's not there at night

Sugar Poem

I can't have sugar

I miss the taste of sugar

My life is over

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