Raymond Chen Story Portfolio

I am a student at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. I am currently in the Art and Design Foundation Program, and planning to attend the Game Development Program in the following year. My main interests are game design, concept art, and animation. I plan to work in the entertainment industry after I graduate either in video game, film, or animation.

After I graduate I want to be able to work in a game, film or animation studio to gain the necessary experience to eventually start my own studio so I can create my own original games or films. I want to be able to create games, or animated films that people will enjoy for a long time, and people will talk about it.

The reason why I want to work in the entertainment industry such as game, film, and animation is because I really enjoy those things and they had a huge impact on my life. With out those things in my life I feel like I would have been a very different person.

Union Station Drawning

This drawing was done for the Foundation Drawing class at George Brown College

Artistic Statement

I always had an interest in many different things in nature such as animals and Plants. I started doing animal, and plant studies by with traditional mediums, but I started practicing with digital media because I would be using Adobe software when I start the game development program at George Brown College. I believe that studying organic objects in nature would help me improve my drawing skills because there are so many different shapes and colours in nature so there would many different skills that I can learn by studying nature.

A chameleon study done with felt tipped pen on toned paper.
A study of a Parrot done with felt tipped pen on toned paper.
This is a flower study of a tiger lily flower done digitally in photoshop

Design Process

I usually start with a thumbnail sketch first than do a larger scale after to see what it looks like when it is the actual size. I usually like to keep my designs simple so people that see it can see the message of the poster clearly. I also try to choose a design that represents the subject that I am designing for.

Original sketches for Poster project

I do multiple design so I can get feedback from other people to see which one other people like the most before choosing my final design

Original sketches for Poster project

The Final poster is done on illustrator to give it a clean look. For this poster I went with a simple design that I thought would promote George Brown College in a simple and fun way.

Final Poster

Digital paintings

I have recently started doing digital paintings because of my interest in digital art/ concept art. It is also to practise the tools that I would be using the the Game Development program in my upcoming school year.

Inspirational Quotes

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Andy Warhol "

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“ In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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