Digital Portfolio Donovan (For Educational Purposes Only)

Unit A : Cropping

This image was edited just by cropping it to make it smaller.

Unit B: Balloon

This image was edited by using the magic wand tool to select the areas that I wanted to recolor, After that, the hue and saturation adjustment was selected and changed the sliders until had the color wanted was good for the balloon.

Unit C: Blending Options

This image was edited by adding effects to the text using the blending options. (Stroke and Drop Shadow)

Unit D: Color Balance

In the original image, there was too much of one color in the image. So, the color balance and vibrance was used to adjust the colors until they were fairly even with each other.

Unit E: Layer Mask with Text

To make the fade effect in this image, a layer mask was added to the text. Then the black and white gradient was used in the layer mask thumbnail.

Unit F: Layer Mask and Hue and Adjustment Tool

In the original image, the flip flops were the color green. The hue and saturation adjustment tool was used to change them to pink. The background was affected by the color change, so the layer mask tool was used to have it not affect the background.

Unit G: Distort

The Charlie and Me billboard before was not connected to the stand. So, the free transform tool in the edit panel was used to distort the picture into the stand.

Unit H: Clone Tool

Before edited, there were birds flying in the sky. To make them "invisible" the clone tool was used. First, a sample from the water not covered in the shadow of the tree was taken and then used to cover the birds.

Teeth Whitening

In this picture, all was done was teeth whitening. Two hue/saturation adjustment layers were used to whiten their teeth. After, in a layer mask their teeth were painted so it affects their teeth.

Reasons to Join PC Graphics and Design

To make the background, the gradient tool was used. The text was given an outer glow and drop shadow. The Photoshop logo was given the same thing too.

Good vs Bad Contrast

The left poster is a good example of using contrast. The contrast gives the poster more feeling and focuses on the guy trying to get out of that situation. The right poster is an example of a bad use of contrast. The text somewhat hard to read doesn't focus at one place.

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is basically an organizer and manager for many kinds of files including, photos, videos and any other file type that can be used with Adobe’s software. It makes finding photos fairly easier by showing thumbnail previews of the photos. There is also a feature that you can rename multiple images at once. Another feature is that there is a way to quick access some of Photoshop’s powerful image processing tools. There is also another tool where the photos can be rated by 1-5 stars and then the photos can be organized by star rating. In my opinion the most useful and helpful tool is the way the photos can be previewed by their thumbnail. It saves so much time from opening all the photos to find the photo you’re looking for.

Five Attitudes in the Workplace

In this article, it talks about the 5 different attitudes that are important in workplaces. They’re respectfulness, pridefulness, commitment, innovation, and helpfulness. All these attitudes affect the workplace positively and could even motivate co-workers to do the same. For respectfulness, employees should treat other people politely and professionally, even if they disagree with someone else’s point of view. Without commitment their place in the workforce is going to go nowhere. If they don’t want to advance, then they will probably not. Innovation is also important. Employees with innovative attitude try out new things or a different way to do things. Finally, helpfulness is important because employees that help others accomplish many company goals. If there were a lot of helpful people in a workforce there would be less problems. Those are the five attitudes that are important and how they affect the workforce.

Reducing Wrinkles

The healing brush tool was used to reduce the wrinkles. First a sample was taken while holding alt + clicking. It was a brush from then on.

Movie Poster

For the background the gradient tool was used. The photo of the business guy and Liam Neeson used a layer mask to only have their face.


In this picture the whole picture was changed with a hue and saturation adjusted. But, a layer mask made it so that the eyes were only affected. Noise was added from the filter menu bar. The text was given an outer glow, so that made it easier to see the text.
Background Picture (
On the left side of my face, the healing brush tool to remove the bags on my eyes and reduced the wrinkle on my cheek. For the background, filter was selected and chosen to blur. The text had a clipping mask containing a picture of flames. Fire Text (
The ruler was selected to be on to get the right proportions to filter. Then, the rectangular marquee tool was used to select only the square that was going to be changed.

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