Sciurus Carolinensis (Eastern Grey Squirrel) Julea Truskey

About Eastern Grey Squirrels

What do they like?

Eastern Grery Squirrels are active during the day. They LOVE seeds, nuts, insects, bird eggs and even fungi depending on the time of year.

Where do they live?

They are common in the Northern part of the United States. They can be in forrests, parks, even your backyard.

When are they breeding?

  • Breeding takes place during December through Februrary.
  • Then again March through May.
  • During the females time of ovulation she will lunge at the male.
  • Group of males will chase the female and this is called the "mating chase". The males will also make buzzing noises at the females.

How long is the female pregnant?

  • The females are pregnant for 44 days.
  • She wil stay in the "drey" which is twigs and leaves.
  • Two litters are produced each year with the possibilty of 1 to 8 babies. The female Eastern Grey Squirrel will begin reproudcing as young as a year and a half.
  • The average born is 4.

What do they sound like?

What other ways do they communicate?

  • They use different vocalizations and postures.
  • For example, they use tail flicking, and their sense of smell is keen.
  • From their keen sense of smell they can determine if someone is stressed, or angry, and if they are ready to reproduce.

Grey Squirrel in action?

My Project & Blueprint

This is my Blueprint for the Feeder that I made.

Pictures of the Build

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