Art and the Good Life Tour of the harn


The first piece of art that caught my attention when entering the Harn Museum was the 24 foot tall sculpture created by Jonathan Borofsky. The true size of the structure can only be appreciated in person when looking onto this daunting creation. Borofsky intended on making an impact which is easily done with the large structure. The piece represents the everyday individual who struggles with a life of Sisyphean tasks. This is demonstrated through the structure's never-ending raising and lowering of a hammer. I believe the size of the man allows viewers to understand the magnitude of the effect of such tasks on society. Nearly everyone can feel and emotional connection to such a universally applicable piece of art. I felt almost powerless looking upon the structure which reflects how I feel that I am helpless when it comes to giving into the Sisyphean tasks established by society.


Each exhibit provided a unique artistic experience that highlighted the artwork collections presented in the rooms. It seemed as though every single detail in the museum was planned and created to provide an experience one can only encounter in museums. This picture I took displays the way in which the outside space is utilized at the Harn museum. I particularly enjoyed this natural exhibit as I tend to enjoy anything relating to nature and the outdoors. I also enjoyed the asian collection which can also be seen slightly in this photograph. The collection combined pottery, ceramic works, sculptures and various other pieces that created an enjoyable variety. I love the natural lighting that is allowed to flow in through the large windows creating somewhat of a connection between the inner and outer portions of the museum.


The photographs of Frida Kahlo inspired more personal feelings for me. The portraits seemed to be inspiring as individuals would not often want their face or entire body displayed to such an extent. Frida Kahlo was famous for her self portraits but was able to alter herself through her own lenses in her own artistic creations. Allowing herself to be photographed as her true self displays her self-acceptance. This was inspiring to me as one of my core values is to accept yourself regardless of the flaws you may be self-conscious of. Everyone is unique and the ability to express individuality is important to me. The raw portraits of Frida Kahlo who, according the Harn museum's website, considered herself to be a "great concealer", inspire others to adopt a mindset of self-acceptance and stirred emotions of pride and respect within me.


This piece immediately stole my attention as I was drawn by the contrasting colors and an artistic style that differs from many others in the Harn museum. The piece, composed by Kehinde Wiley, was inspired by average men Wiley encountered when in cities throughout the United States. Wiley placed the figures in a position that resembles posed of privileged figures in an African postcolonial era but contrasts this with the attire that stays true to the modern dress of the models. With this, Wiley contrasts old with new and also applies irony to highlight social discrimination. Through the artwork, the men are able to break away from societal standards and be placed on a pedestal of power and recognition. This composition provides an example of how artists express various messages through their work including attacks on social injustice.

The Good Life theme depicted in this piece of art is fighting for the Good Life as it shows artists fight silently for the Good Life through the messages signified by their compositions. The artwork, known as Dogon Couple, made me automatically feel numerous emotions associated with social injustices and the stereotypes and societal standards individuals are still held to today.



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