Cultural Identity in Urban Spaces Santo Amaro das Brotas, BRAZIL

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The project is being developed in the city of Santo Amaro das Brotas in the state of Sergipe, Brazil. This city is one of the first nuclei of Portuguese colonization in Sergipe in the 19th century. In this context, there are two public spaces that are fundamental because they reflect the local history and the population’s identity. The Plaza Cel. Jacinto Ribeiro was constructed to form the city's initial urban center and is characterized as a civic-religious space and main stage of the cultural manifestations of the population. In contrast, the Plaza São Benedito is characterized by its residential environment and history marked as a space of cultural resistance from the city’s black community. The objective is to project the urban and landscaping requalification of these two plazas, taking into account their historical relevance, making them more inclusive, accessible and attentive to the people's needs. A participatory process with the local people, including the children, was held in order to understand their needs and aspirations.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: A participatory process was designed with the purpose of having community collaboration through meetings and workshops. This participatory process was divided into three phases: First, some activities were developed to highlight how young people and adults could perceive and use the open spaces, like squares, and what would be their desire for improvement in these spaces. Allied to the idea of perception and reading of open spaces, a cognitive mapping was carried out with children to understand the children’s appropriation of these spaces. The third phase of the participatory process, still in progress, will be the final presentation of the projects and guidelines for the community.

PARTNERS: SEL-RJ / PROARQ - UFRJ study group, under the coordination of Professor Vera Regina Tângari - based on free space studies in Brazil, SEL-RJ has assisted this project in the analysis and identification of potential in the city's free space systems. The Santo Amaro das Brotas civil society, fundamental for the development of this proposal, is present in participatory processes and project decisions. The NGO Ciranda Alternativa, which develops several cultural projects for the local community, contributed to the development of participatory workshops and the identification of the main cultural agents of the city. In addition, we await responses from the local government.