The Divine Dawson stacy

Spatial Experience: Watching The Divine at Constans Theater was an experience unlike any I have ever had before, as it was my first time being in a theater for a play. As I entered the building I could feel an air of excitement and a buzz of sorts in the air, the feeling was contagious. My seat location was towards the middle of the playhouse, I could see and hear clearly so the seat location wasn't too much of a factor. As the lights began to dim, the excitement I felt as I entered the building felt like nothing compared to what I felt now; although the room began to grow silent, the energy was at an all-time high. Although the auditorium was somewhat large, I was so completely consumed by the play I hardly noticed the size of the room once it began. I think there is a lot to say about the role of place in the Good Life--if you put yourself in a positive environment, with good energy it's hard to not be positively effected by that environment.

I attended the play with two of my close friends. Before the play I was concerened that attending the play with friends would be detrimental to my viewing experience, as I thought they might talk during the performance, I was wrong. My friends and I were very respectful during the play, giving our complete attention to the performance. Attending the performance with my friends enhanced my experience, as sharing a special experience with people you enjoy is one of life's greatest pleasures. To experience something memorable alone is enjoyable, to experience something with people you care about is awesome.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

Since the divine was based in a less modern era, it was easier to understand the plot of the story and how exactly it fit in. The central issue of the play to me was the poverty and the hypocrisy within the play itself. Before attending the performance I didn’t really have any knowledge of the subject matter but now I fell much more educated. This play gave a cultural perspective for a level within society when it referred to poverty and how it effects social class. Seeing the poverty within the world and understanding why it happens help me understand and relate to the play well.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine allowed us an opportunity for katharsis because it really give us a visual into a different world. Many people who are not from the same social class as the people in the divine may have not completely understood what it was like to be impoverished. Seeing how it is and maybe changing your perspective and having more of an open mind to people in that situation could allow for katharsis.

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