The Life Of Miles Life is like a box of chocolates, it's not fair

My name is Miles, I am currently attending 8th grade at West Ridge Middle School. I play soccer and football. I got a new dog named Max and he is about 6 months old. My favorite resteraunt is Lupe Tortilla. Below is a list of 15 goals I wish to achieve during my life.qwaewsrdfszzXzcvb

1. Make it into the college I want

2. Have a successful career

3. Pass all classes with A's

4. Eat healthy

5. Gain weight

6. Own a business

7. Travel to all continents

8. Get better at soccer

9. Have a wife

10. Have at least 1 kid

11. Stay connected with friends

12. Don't do drugs

13. Don't smoke

14. Make good decisions

15. Stay loyal to my friends


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