Digital foot Print PSA Created by Joe S.

Internet Scam

The purpose of an internet scam is to deceive people into revealing information about them without even noticing they're being scammed. But, the main purpose of scamming you is to steel your money by methods of advertisements. I'm not saying that all advertisements are bad, but it's sometime hard to see the good from the bad advertisements. have you ever noticed that most advertisements involve you to enter your password. for example, you may have seen "enter now to earn a chance to win a new Honda civic". though the temptation is strong, It may be wiser to not enter at all even though its true or not. think of what your revealing by entering your email and password. But soon enough, with what you could have revealed by entering your information, it wont take long for the scammers to take all your money in the bank. All that hard work would just go to waste. A tip of advice, don't for any online advertisements on websites or advertisements that would randomly pop on your screen because your life is worth more than just a few clicks on the computer.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying id a method of bullying another person through the use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. If you've experience this sort of problem, here are some steps you must do in order to properly arrest the perpetrator.

  • Once you've received a mean message do not reply back.
  • take multiple screen shot to use as evidence.
  • tell a parent about the occurring cyber bullying.
  • parents are recommended to report to the authorities in order to punish the perpetrator with the right punishment.

though some are not aware, the screenshots of the conversation is evidence used against the perpetrator in case they refuse or plead not guilty. Schools around Hilliard city schools has informed students that any cyber bulling will be on the put on their record. With this, the likely chance of getting into a college or being hired for a job is slim.

Maintaining Privacy

Maintaining privacy is one of the key factor for being safe when using social media. Keeping privacy prevents online stalking and dangers from strangers you may not know. If your unsure if the social media you are using isn't on privacy mode, i suggest you go to the apps setting, click general and hopefully you'll see the privacy tab. You'll then see options on who can see your account, you'll have the choice to either Share it to the public but i recommend click that "only friends can view" option. I also recommend you take a look at the chart above. Seeing the types of things teens post online shocks me because their careless actions are the reasons that will put them in a situation of no return.


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