The Museum Of Science The Extravaganza Of Science

The museum of science is a science museum in Boston, Massachuetts, located in Science Park. Along with over 700 interactive exhibits, the museum features a number of live presentations throughout the building every day. The museum began as the Boston Society of Natural History in 1830, founded by a collection of men who wished to share scientific interests. It was more commonly called the Boston Museum of Natural History in the 19th century. The museum of science displays a thrilling ride of memorable memories.

My landmark includes an exhibition of the hall of human Life which demonstrates how people understand their own biology. In addition it includes the Butterfly Garden. Finally it contains the most entertaining exhibition which includes the Lightning. In this zone you explore the lightning and storm safety.

This part of the museum is the lightning, where you expirence the ultimate thrilling ride, and learn the science behind lights
This part of the museum is where you see various of fossils from different animals


Created with images by Efraimstochter - "mammoth skeleton museum"

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