The Land Of Mysteries An extraodinary isaland

On the day I described The Land Of Mysteries, I had been peacefully wondering about at sea when I met eyes with a wonderous island. Spellbound and fascinated, I approached with caution not knower what's on the magnificent land. I felt compelled to explore and investigate. Intriguing people, plants and animals scattered upon this extraordinarness master piece. I had been immediately intriged when I set foot on this spectacular island. A range ouuf houses (no house were the same) splattered with rainbow colours. The houses were built by the dragons upon the caves. From animals; big-small and dangerous, to calm, there are millions to explore. I hope this guide will give you an adventure through the mysteries of the island.

The Pool Of The Past

Many people swim here cautiously to remind themselves of the past. When you engulf yourselves in the peaceful lake you will get a faint vision of the past. Although, this pool is special, other animals use it as a watering hole. I was mesmerised by the purple galaxy floating around in the water.

The Enchanted Forest Of Whispering

Journeying around the magnificent Enchanted Forest, I noticed a rather piculiar range of animals lurking through the trees. Located in the centure of the forest is the heart of the island-the tree of life. This master piece is the largest piece of vegetation on the island; with lush heart shaped leaves, it could, and will attract any one who steps foot in the Enchanted Forest. I was pottering around the forest when the beauty of a deer-a-corn came with in my sight. Including a magical rainbow horn, rainbow mainland a golden brown fur coat. Such secrets in the forest including the fact that it actually whispers. It's said to whisper about happy thoughts. Thoughts of happiness and happy moments, isn't it not amazing?

The citizens live here with bright rainbow houses that can attract anyone. None of these house are the same, there's no need for house numbers. I strolled through each house to record every detail about them. Many picualiar people roam freely around in this colourful village, from prop,r with snouts to people with animal ears. Due to the many sweet shops, their diet is made of sugary substances.

As I stumbled across the astonishing treasure of gem beach I quickly grabbed out my sketch book and recorded this beautiful sight I witnessed. Sparkly gems are dotted around the golden bleached shores of Gen Beach. Although they may be beautiful a dreaded curse lies in the gems; if anyone try's to steal one of these treasures a curse is lifted that you'll get bad luck for a whole year. To also prevent robberies unicorns protect them. As I was drawing down the treasure several unicorns gallop form the greenry. Spellbound and fascinated I quietly observed from a rock and tries not to startle them. The sun glistened the rocks and the sea sparkled as I was leaving.

The mountain maze is located at the top of the island. It's had a range of magical reptile beasts roaming free protecting the dragon cave. The maze had been standing up tall for centuries with out crumbling down. I had been cautiously spying on one of the dangerous dragons from a distance; studying all their features from: scaly green scales, sharp penetrating teeth, sharp eagle eyes and a huge wing span. It is advised that you should not dare to endure this trap.

Created By
Isabelle Laidlaw

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