The IPhone doesn't have too many elements but the main ones the IPhone has are Potassium, Oxygen, Tin, Aluminium, Silicone and Indium. You may wonder what makes the IPhone touchscreen, well that is what the indium tin oxide is used for.

Reusable and Hazardous

lithium is the most hazardous in an IPhone, it is used for apples ion batteries, but in 2016 apple announced they're going to reduce usage of un-recyclable things and only use stuff that can be recycled afterwards.

Recyclable? Apple is working on making everything recyclable, but they're also reused, either they are checked and if good then sent to a re-seller, if not they are taken to the recycling center.

How Long Do People Keep IPhones

According to most websites, people usually switch up their IPhones after 2 years because most contracts last for 2 years so when someone gets a new one they usually get a new phone with it.

Pros And Cons

Some cons about the IPhone could be that many people get hurt or bullied, the internet spreads fast meaning your private information could be leaked. Another con can be how some people use their phones too much, even when not needed, these aren't too good for our brains and eyes. Some pros could be that we're connected with social media meaning we make friends and can talk to family on our IPhones, and that we can check the news, weather or even listen to music with a simple click.

Has the IPhone made the world a better place?

Yes, the IPhone has made the world better, I say this because it was one of the first touchscreen phones in the world, which leads to my first point, because of the IPhone, more technology was inspired. Another reason I find the IPhone is good is because it helps many people, most kids learning apps and apps to help the special needs of people were also made on apple. My last reason is that nowadays everyone has a IPhone, IPhones help people get through their days, with the web at their fingers and the music at their ears, IPhones are just very convenient in general.


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