Chris Jones grew up in Southeast Raleigh. After seeing the extreme need in one of Raleigh's neighborhoods, Chris and his wife Jacqueline started the Ship of Zion church in South Park in 2001. South Park is Raleigh’s largest historic African American neighborhood, occupying 30 blocks in downtown Raleigh.

The poor economic condition of the neighborhood made way for crime, gang activity, substance abuse, and loss of hope. When Chris and Jaqueline saw many of their neighbors desperate, their hearts were driven to help.

South Park has a per capita income of $18K, which is less than 98.9% of neighborhoods in the US.

What is being done?

In 2002, Chris and Jaqueline Jones, with the help of Paul and Kathy Moseley, began “Community Day” at Ship of Zion church.
The second Saturday of each month at Community Day, they give large boxes of food, clothing, a hot meal, medical screening, encouragement and hope to their neighbors.

Day by day, year by year, the pastors have earned the trust of the community, helping each person in need and expressing their love through action.

Community Day at Ship of Zion has grown to serve over 450 families each month.

Other churches in the area saw the impact Ship of Zion was making in their community. They began their own outreaches to help their communities, using the resources of Bread of Life.

Bread of Life, another initiative of Ship Community Outreach, was created in 2002 to collect, store and deliver the food and clothing for Community Day.

Bread of Life has grown to become One of the largest agencies for the distribution of food for the Eastern and Central Food Bank of NC.

Each month 30,000 pounds of meat, produce and packaged goods are donated by local Food Lion stores and distributed to those in need by Bread of Life.

Today, Bread of Life operates out of a 2,500 square foot warehouse and uses two large panel trucks including one that is refrigerated, for pickups and deliveries.

Each month, Bread of Life provides large boxes of groceries to residents of South Park and other neighborhoods throughout the Raleigh, Garner and Wake Forest area.

Over 3,000 individuals depend upon this food to survive every month.
Bread of Life indirectly serves as many as 21,000 additional people in surrounding communities each month by delivering the food/bread for other the work of other agencies.

Using donations from Pepperidge Farm (36,000 loaves per month) and Food Lion, Bread of Life:

  • Provides Brown Bag Ministry the bread for their 13,200 sandwiches per month;
  • Delivers bread to With Love from Jesus to feed over 2,200 people each month;
  • Supplies bread and meat to the Wilmington Street Men's Shelter that feeds 5,600 individuals per month.
Bread of Life is recognized as a leader in hunger relief in the raleigh community.

From its inception, Bread of Life has been fortunate to have a full time director, Paul Moseley. Paul chose to retire early from his job as director of radiology at Dorothea Dix hospital in Raleigh to dedicate himself to the mission of Bread of Life.

Even though Paul had to take a 30 percent reduction in his pension to retire after 25 years of working at the hospital, his heart and his life are full.


How do we do it?

Early each morning, volunteers drive the two trucks to pick up food from grocery stores’ excess inventories. 4 days a week, the trucks pick up bread from Pepperidge Farm.

Volunteers assemble cardboard boxes and fill them with the food from the grocery stores along with the food that has been delivered from the food bank.

Perishable items are stored in a room size cooler. All food requires careful management so that it remains fresh and to make good use of the warehouse space.
The morning of each outreach, the prefilled boxes are loaded onto the Bread of Life trucks, and delivered to the location, where residents and volunteers are waiting.
Bread of life also collects, stores and distributes food for the galley grocery, developed by ship community outreach in 2014.
Galley Grocery is a low-cost grocery store with healthy food on Bragg Street in South Park. Galley Grocery provides an alternative to convenience/gas stores in an area that is considered to be a food desert.
The Galley Grocery provides an avenue to independence and dignity, allowing residents to shop for their own healthy food at lower prices and giving them a safe place to fellowship.
Ship Community Outreach desires to continue to serve the South Park neighborhood and to uplift the community through social and economic change.

We would like to expand our facilities at Bread of Life, serve more communities in the Raleigh area and replicate Community Day outreaches in other communities.

Additional resources are critical to accomplish the goals and the mission at Ship Community Outreach.

Would you like to join us as we meet needs so that no one goes without?


105 East Lee Street, Raleigh, NC 27601



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