Understanding Career Transitions UQ Sport Elite Athletes

The Highs & Lows From My Journey & Life After Sports

NFL Pro Day
Bold Moves In Phoenix, AZ
Placing A Value On Time

High's - Consistently explored, sought opportunity & developed new passions.

Low's - Never allowed myself to grieve, expected to it to be a seamless transition & didn't extend grace to myself when failing.

The less we think, the more our circumstances or other people will think for us.


I. Understanding Identity

We are cared for most when we put on that uniform. Slowly, we start to look at ourselves the same way....We are athletes. We are what you say we are. That is me. I am an athlete....Until I'm not. - Former Men's Soccer Student-Athlete

"You will never outperform your self-identity."

What words or traits come to mind when you think of yourself?

*Activity: Hello my name is....

What is a dual identity? Who I am vs. What I do

Don't expect anyone else to tell your story for you if you're not willing to do it yourself

Scavenger Hunt!

Task: Find 1 athlete and 1 professional who embody who you hope to be like in the future.

Tag us in a comment of one of their pictures or posts!

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II. Understanding The Road Blocks

Mastering The 1st 6 Months*

Biggest Fears & Stressors In Post-Sport Transition

  • "I Wish I Would Have Done More"
  • Comparison
  • Lack of Control, Feedback & Structure
  • Struggle Finding Community
  • Strong Need To Achieve or Perform
  • Lack of Empathy & Understanding From Others
  • Physical Changes In Performance

How Do You Get Through It?

Who is your Rocky? Will they be there when you need them the most?

*Activity: Connection Web

III. Understanding Transferrable Skills

It's not just "what" but "how"

Pattern Recognition

Making the connection begins with understanding who you are and your skill set (Principles)

Followed by finding others who value that skill (People)

In a setting that allow you to be "you" (Place)

Built on a foundation of your principles

In our times of greatest pressure we will only rise to the level of our training.


The Paradox of Choice and Authenticity

Case Study Activity:

William is a 4th year student at UQ studying Exercise and Sport Sciences. With graduation around the corner, William has decided to pursue a career as a community recreation & fitness officer. He has no experience outside of his education and is wondering what his next steps should be?

What advice would you give William?

Break into small groups and write a three step action plan outlining potential steps that completed today, within the next week, and within the next month.

IV. Take Action

Some do...and some don't.

It will catch up to you when it catches up to you

Critical steps to address:

  • Priorities - What is most important to me?
  • Routine - What is my consistent behavior?
  • Inner Circle - Who is pouring into me and holding me accountable?
  • Mental Health - How am I taking care of myself?
  • Expectation - What do I believe is possible for my life?

Activity: Risk vs. Reward